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Women’s Youth League

Northern Football 3, Waikato/Bay of Plenty Football 0
Parrs Park, Auckland, December 4 2011

It was a pretty soggy day in Auckland today, but after having had so much fun on my last women’s football excursion, I wasn’t going to miss this for anything – the final of the Women’s (U-20) Youth League between Northern Football and my old home football federation of Waikato/Bay of Plenty. To seal the deal, it was being played at Parrs Park – only five minutes walk from my house, so there could be no valid excuses. Apart from the weather that is. And I can tell you it was utterly miserable. But no matter! I’m home and dry now. I can once again feel my outer extremities and I’m ready and rearing to blog.

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What I could make out of the game through my rain soaked glasses was very entertaining. An even first half that finished 0-0 and a second half that saw both sides enjoy plenty of opportunities. Northern proved the more clinical of the two though, slotting home three unanswered second half goals.

A talking point might well be some pretty generous refereeing regarding one or two dangerous tackles. Ok, it was wet and the artificial turf was slippery but there was a fair bit of recklessness and right at the end of the game, I hate to say it, but I suspect the fruits of that leniency came to bear. Waikato’s Brianna Stewart was caught in a terrible collision with the Northern goalkeeper that resulted in a broken leg. A sad end to a good match.

Some things I’ll never ever get enough of about women’s football:

  • Supporters who yell, without any hint of sarcasm, “Good call lino, she wasn’t offside!” when their team is on defence.
  • Players warming up along the touchline who duck as they run past my camera.
  • Not a single dive in the whole entire game. Not even one.

I hate seeing Waikato teams lose to Auckland ones. However, although they were also beaten finalists last season, the Mooloo girls looked like a fairly young squad. Hopefully they come back next year and finally take the win they so richly deserve. Not that I’m biased or anything…

But for now, credit where it’s due, congratulations Northern Football! Worthy champions in 2011.

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