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Miss a line and rule off

You have probably noticed that things are a bit quiet around here. Apart from the odd flicker of life we’ve been drifting along like a rudderless ship whose crew are lost presumed drowned for over half a year now. I was going to wait until November 23 to make this […]

World Cup 2019: A Proving Ground

In a sense, a World Cup is a proving ground. Every moment has the potential to launch a career. For the Women’s World Cup, that’s even more the case. It is often the best chance for players to secure professional contracts that might come some way close to providing a […]


[When Tom Sermanni was appointed coach of our national women’s team, I wrote a piece critiquing the decision. I was convinced not to publish it, by people whose opinions I respect, because the players liked their new coach therefore who am I to poo-poo their choice? Since then the Football […]

Keep Calm and just play football

Can I just take a moment for to ask, no not ask, to strongly suggest two things?  Football players. Calm down and play football  Referees. Ref properly and if players don’t calm down, book or red them.  Many years ago (1982 I think) I, along with the Unicol team enjoyed the […]

People, get ready!

Get on board! That’s got to be the message for Kiwi football fans as we seem to be entering an unprecedented era on the international stage. This morning, our Under 20 men’s team comprehensively beat a good Norway side 2-0 at the U20 World Cup in Poland. That came just […]

A Fond Farewell

It’s been a while since my last post, and even longer since I’ve been to a live game of football. 2019 is proving to be an interesting year, in the mannger of the ancient Chinese curse. Football is a beautiful game, and one which is well worth your time and effort […]

An unlikely inspiration

With the future and sustainability of our men’s national league competition as uncertain as ever, there’s a brand new professional competition about to launch on the other side of the world – and it’s one that I’m following with great interest (and jealousy) – Morgan

Gianni Be Good

We’re approaching the end of the national league season and, unsurprisingly, the Weenix are propping up the foot of the table. But there’s plenty of talent in the squad – including the latest youngster to get called up to the senior A League side.