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Lights Shine but Pride Roar

The stage could hardly have been more perfectly set for today’s National Women’s League Grand Final. Trusts’ Stadium’s pohutukawa-lined pitch looked flawless and Auckland produced one of its best December days. Most importantly, the two sides in the final were so evenly-matched that no one could predict what was about […]


Northern Lights 7 vs Central Football 0 Sunday 7 October, McFetridge Park For the Northern Lights and the onlooking neutral, everything went according to script at McFetridge Park. The star-studded Lights (Aurora pun) were strong favourites against an inexperienced Central side, and the favourites prevailed. Northern have fielded formidable elevens […]

Pink turns to blue

Capital Football 2 Northern Football 1 National Women’s League Sunday 20 November 2016 Memorial Park, Petone. Northern played in their change kit of blue rather than their usual pink/black hoops. Perhaps they were expecting Capital to be in predominantly black rather than the bright yellow they’re wearing this season? Words […]

Dancing in the dark

Northern 4, Auckland 3 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, October 22 2016 I have to admit that my heart sank when I saw the draw for the first time and this fixture presented itself. Because the National Women’s League does not contain a development side this year, most weekends only have […]

Remote Control

Central Football 0 Northern Football 3 National Women’s League Sunday 16 October 2016 Memorial Park, Palmerston North. Words by Phil Clayton. Photographs (and their captions) of this match by Michael Welsh (Dr yomcat shoots). Opening day of National Women’s League season! With it being such a short season (6 matches […]

Highlights, lowlights, smiles and skills

Northern Football 4, New Zealand Development 3 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, November 29 2015 The New Zealand women’s national football team just beat Brazil 1-0 IN BRAZIL! What a result! But what’s even more extraordinary is it wasn’t that surprising. It’s not a major upset. The Football Ferns are simply […]

Race to the top

Northern Football 2, WaiBOP 0 New Zealand Development 1, Auckland Football 0 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, November 22 2015 I have two great passions – football and politics. When I started blogging seriously, exactly six years ago today, I decided to write about football, in part, because talking politics opens […]

Dead centre

Halloween came a day late for the lower North Island’s two premier women’s football teams yesterday. As the competition’s regular season passed its midway point, they both fell victim to opponents who treated spectators to a double massacre at North Harbour Stadium’s outer oval.