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In the back of the net is a blog by and for footballaholics in New Zealand.

Kicked off on Blogspot in 2009 as a personal space for the football ravings of Enzo Giordani, almost 1,000 posts and a million page views later there are now seven bloggers in action here doing the best they can to serve the New Zealand football loving community.

Our mission is to fill the void left by the disappearance of New Zealand football magazines from our nation’s newsstands via the motto: ‘if you want a job done properly, you’ve got to do it yourself’.

Others are welcome to join in the madness! If you’d like to contribute, or get in touch for any other reason, e-mail casagiordani at orcon dot net dot nz.

Enzo Giordani

IMG_1572What do I know about football? ‘Sweet FA’. I try very hard not to give anyone the completely false impression that I’m in any way any sort of expert. I just love watching the game, photographing it and writing about it. I go to as many local games as I can and, when my beloved AS Roma is playing, I yell and scream at frozen pixelated blurs on the internet. I tend to write about the experience of being a fan more than the finer points of the game.

Ella Reilly

12998528_10201523021313982_1144918958349965565_nWhen Ella was a high school student, and seen around school without a ball under her arm or at her feet, her deputy principal would inquire as to whether she was feeling alright. A Waiheke Islander currently exiled in Wellington, her interests span football culture, the development of the women’s game, and having a kickabout herself. Born too late to truly appreciate the glory days of her beloved Nottingham Forest (beyond some scratchy YouTube videos), Ella now lives with the slightly masochistic (yet eternal) hope that those days will soon return.

Tracey Hodge

IMG_8457I live and breathe Wellington Phoenix.  To the point it’s been suggested I take up a new hobby (thanks Mum).  When finances allow l travel to watch the Phoenix and the All Whites.  Otherwise it’s around the fields of Wellington that I can be found.  It’s not always pleasant watching football in Wellington.  Some of the grounds are absolute wind tunnels and I often wonder why I’m there.  It’s because I love football.  Simple really.

Phil Clayton

pc-in-th-back-profile-400-400-cropI am seizing the opportunity to write more generally, rather than play-by-play match reports for teams that went on to depart Women’s Central League. I play at a low level on most winter Saturdays (can’t get much lower than left-back), so matches I see are usually on Sundays—but there are often fun excursions. My strong support for Coastal Spirit FC of Christchurch shows that, despite returning to Wellington a few years ago, I’m still influenced by my Canterbury experience.

Helena Wiseman

IMG_4932Having grown up dragging my parents out to the fields every Saturday morning, trying (*succeeding) to show my brothers up in the backyard and collecting “Small Whites” posters, it’s fair to say my love of this game has been lifelong. Nowadays, spending every day after school training and dedicating most of my spare mental energy (all that the International Baccalaureate does not consume) to the beautiful game, it’s also fair to say that for me, football is my passion. I’m also passionate about feminism, music and history, but the lines between that and football always begin to blur eventually…

Rod de Lisle

Waikato based follower of Leicester, Hamilton Wanderers, All Whites and Phoenix, roughly in that order. I write stuff that I feel I’d like to read myself but there’s no accounting for taste, eh? Some of my opinions may be factually correct, sorry about that.


Morgan Jarvis

Dunedin is my home, and I’m just another football obsessive. Over the last couple of years I’ve looked after social media content for the country’s southernmost football federation, Football South, and helped the Southern United national league teams with their content and media commitments. I’ve had a crippling addiction to Football Manager ever since I was a child. Struggling to come to grips with the “no slide tackles” rule of Masters football. Perrenial follower of teams which have seen much better days.

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