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The seven goals of Rovers

Glenfield Rovers 7, Papakura 0
McFetridge Park, Auckland, April 15 2018

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I’ve had an interesting ten days.

Last Friday our hot water cylinder burst, leaving us without warm showers until Tuesday night when it had finally been replaced with a shiny new model. On Tuesday night our power went out in the freak storm that battered Auckland. Because we are on tank water in our semi-rural location, this meant no power, water or internet for four long days that seemed like a month. But on the plus side, on Wednesday morning my beloved Roma shocked the world and overcame a 4-1 first leg deficit to eliminate Barcelona from the Champions League.

On Saturday afternoon I was planning to head to some football, but at that stage we still had no earthly idea when our power would be back and it was pouring with rain. The thought of getting soaked to the skin with no hot shower, or any shower at all for that matter, as my reward at the end of it, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and my stuttering start to the NRFL season continued in earnest unfortunately.

But then, on Saturday night, at the exact moment I was staring at my crappy plastic Warehouse battery lamp endorsed (on the box) by “Hunter Ellis former navy fighter pilot and award winning TV host”, and saying to Gina “you know what, I’m actually going to miss this thing when all this is ov…” – the power was restored and I was jumping for joy almost as high as I had on Wednesday morning.

One of the best things about this positive turn of events was that it let me go to some football on Sunday without fear or hypothermic repercussions. And I was rewarded at McFetridge Park with a Glenfield Rovers goal for each of the proverbial Seven Hills of Rome that BT Sport commentator Peter Drury waxed so lyrical about just a few days prior.

It was a dominant performance that may well have sent reverberations throughout the league. Papakura are no slouches, despite being a newly promoted side. They have picked up some useful additional personnel from around the traps and boast a creditable mixture of young talent and wise old NRFL heads. Yet they were no match for a Rovers side, that some are already predicting will lift the trophy with a perfect record.

By the time the black and golds hit the lead in this game, via a tenth minute Liz Savage blast into the roof of the net, it came as little surprise. They were already looking like making it a long afternoon for their opponents, and that prognosis was only confirmed six minutes later when Kate Loye doubled the advantage. Dayna Stevens also netted another six minutes after that, to give us our 3-0 half time score.

A nearly 40 minute reprieve for Papakura was finally shattered post the hour mark when substitute Geena Gross bagged the first two goals of her second half hat-trick in the space of three minutes before Tamami Endo grabbed Rovers’ third in the space of five. Gross’s third and Rovers’ seventh was slotted with 12 minutes of regular time remaining.

Whether the home side buttoned off a little or the visitors lifted, there were some useful Kura attacks in the second half, particularly towards the end, and a goal for them would not have been entirely out of place. But Glenfield keeper Alice Noyer pulled off some great 1v1 saves at the feet of the likes of Britney Cunningham-Lee and Chloe Marthe as well as some nice acrobatics on her line to keep an equally well earned clean sheet.

So the question now is, after that statement, can anyone take points off Glenfield this year? Other results seem to suggest it will be very difficult, but of course there is a long way to go.

Put it this way – if Roma can knock Barcelona out of the Champions League, then anything is possible!

(No, there is no chance I am going to stop mentioning that anytime soon.)

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