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Sorry WaiBOP…

Waitakere United Youth 2, WaiBOP United Youth 2
Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, February 6 2014

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I’ve just had a quick look back through all the ASB Premiership, ASB Youth League and National Women’s League games I have attended featuring my home province since starting this blog. Oh. My. God. As a result of this exercise I can now confirm that my record up to and including today’s game is 17 WaiBOP, WaiBOP United and Waikato FC games attended with the teams I support registering 14 losses, 3 draws and a big fat goose egg on the victory front.

This is quite an achievement, you must surely agree. Before I started looking through the archives I was sure I must have seen at least one victory with the Women if nobody else. But alas, no, I haven’t even seen the ladies draw! You would think the law of averages would work in my favour. Attend enough games and you must surely witness a victory sooner or later. But again, no. WaiBOP teams have a worse than 1 in 17 chance of winning with me watching. That’s pretty much a 5% chance and for all I know it could be worse. We won’t know exactly how bad it is until I actually witness a victory, and let’s face it…

Wow, right?

Am I the world’s biggest jinx? The only possible answer to that question is yes. Take today for example. Here was a useful looking WaiBOP side who managed a creditable 3-3 draw with second placed Auckland United last week while today’s rivals were getting hammered 5-0 by Auckland City. The game was a reasonably exciting one. The sides were evenly matched and chances were created at both ends.  Sansern Limwatthana’s goal in the 14th minute for the home side was cancelled out just 7 minutes later by Xavier Pratt. Then when Melville marksman Jama Boss knocked one in to take the lead for WaiBOP with just half an hour left to go, it felt like victory was mine to savour at last (almost as if I had somehow personally done something to earn it). But of course this was silly thinking. How could I allow myself to be lulled into such a false sense of security? Of course Troy Phoa equalised in the 71st and 2-2 it stayed until the final whistle.

The only positive thing to mention in my own defence at this stage is two of the three draws I have witnessed in the last four years have happened this season, one to the credit of the senior WaiBOP side against Wanderers, and the other a tick in the middle column for the young ‘uns today. So at least things are improving on my watch. I’ve always been a firm believer in baby steps and slow and steady wins the race, so it does give me some satisfaction to know that at this rate we should have a realistic chance of winning some serious silverware in 2050, provided I live that long. Obviously if I croak sooner they could well win something before then.

Now on that delightful note, please excuse me while I crawl off into a corner and cry.

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