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Waikato Bay of Plenty 2, Capital Football 7
St Peter’s College, Cambridge, October 20 2013

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Why, oh why, does football do this to us?

It started so well for my WaiBOP! An early goal! I literally jumped for joy! But, if you please, before my feet had even hit the ground, cruel old Capital wiped the smile right off my face. Then WaiBOP almost retook the lead before I’d lifted my head from its slump! Only for Capital to seize the advantage before I’d even finished tweeting what had just happened. Then it was 3-1, and 4-1 before I could even say feckityfeckfeckfeck, and you know, hope died. Except then, after leaving its corporeal form and moving down the tunnel towards the light where its ancestors stood beckoning for it to join them… with some CPR, a shot of adrenalin, a couple or ten blasts from a defibrillator and a Chelsea Elliott penalty, hope was miraculously resuscitated! Only for all the efforts the medical team had put in to be sadly and totally in vain because Capital scored again and hope was hacked into tiny pieces and finished off once and for all.

Then it was half time.

Then all the little fragments of hope were doused in petrol, set alight, and a freight train ran over them a few times.

I think I took the disappointment quite well though.

It was always going to be tough, he said after the fact. Capital are a good squad and WaiBOP’s very good side from last season is missing some serious firepower in Helen Collins (on Football Ferns duty), Sarah McLaughlin (injured, out for the season), and Olivia Chance (overseas). Add to that the absence of Issy Coombes (with the Under 17s) and Naomi Beth Carter (overseas). That’s a lot of quality to replace and sadly that means this might just be a tough year for my home province.

Having said that though, they should be better than this. Looking at that list of missing players, I would have thought the question marks would mostly be in the attack department. If you’d told me before the game that they would score two, I’d have probably said “thanks very much, that should be good enough for at least a point.” But the problem turned out to be more in the midfield where they gave away far too much possession and at the back where their normally high quality back four had a real off-day. A couple or few goalkeeping errors didn’t help either.

Lots to work on.

As for Capital, well two from two for them after dealing to Auckland last week. They will be feeling very much like contenders in this competition, and well they might!

The two teams the Wellingtonians have dispatched so far play each other next week in Auckland. I wasn’t going to be there, but I think I will go now. I wasn’t scheduled to see WaiBOP again until November 23 – obviously after today that simply won’t do. Only seeing them twice this year with one of those times being a 7-2 thrashing is out of the question. So I will be at William Green Domain next weekend with hope reborn. Or maybe it’s more like zombie hope… I guess we’ll soon find out.

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