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Classy Claudelands

Claudelands Rovers 7, Lynn Avon United 1
Galloway Park, Hamilton, September 2 2012

Always check the schedule immediately before you travel to New Zealand club football. Not a couple of days before. Immediately before. I have been dealt harsh lessons on this in the past. But it is apparently still taking some time to find its way through my thick skull.

A couple of days ago I made plans to make the 200 odd kilometre journey to Hamilton to watch Claudelands lift the Northern Regional Football League – Women’s Premier trophy. The latest print-out of the schedule I had at my disposal said the game kicked off at 1pm. Instead, as I discovered when I arrived, it kicked off at 11. I arrived just in time to see the last 10 minutes of the game, by then dead and buried with the home side leading 7-1.


Excuse my frustration. I will get over it. Eventually.

Rovers went into the match only needing to avoid a circa 33 goal loss in order to win the title. Their emphatic victory delivered the honour of becoming the the first non-Auckland side to win this esteemed championship, and confirmed what we already knew, that for consistency throughout the season Claudelands Rovers are currently the best women’s football team in New Zealand. Arguably the highest honour in the history of this Waikato club, the 2010 Women’s Knockout Cup being the other contender, all in all this is a fantastic achievement and a huge credit to the players and coaches. I hope they are savouring their well earned success as we speak.

One negative thing I feel I have to mention though, and this might seem slightly petty, but don’t we think they should get the Northern Women’s Premier League a slightly bigger trophy? The current one looks at a distance a wee bit like something you might win for best hat at the Pirongia races… Compared to (photos stolen from the Auckland Football Federation Facebook page…) men’s Premier (although this is no America’s Cup either):

Division 1:

and Division 2:

I know it’s only symbolic and I may well be accused of ‘PC gone mad’ here, but I do think the size of a trophy says something about priorities.

Anyway, that’s my grump for this week. Rant over.

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