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North Wellington keep title hopes alive

North Wellington – 4, Tuskan Raiders – 0 Wellington College, 22 July 2018 North Wellington defeated Tuskan Raiders 4-0 to hold second place on the Wellington Sunday Football League Division One table as the season enters its final stages. With four teams vying for three places at the top of […]

Soul food

Kaitaia United 1, Mangawhai 1 Taipa Area School, Taipa, July 21 2018 Football is like food in a lot of ways. You need it to live, the more you consume the better you feel (up to a point) and sometimes the more lowly you go the better it can be. […]

In Monchi I trust

Monchi – Roma’s Sporting Director Serie A is moving in some interesting directions. Juventus has signed the second best Ronaldo of all time, there is a new TV deal that may finally see some ability to watch legally in our part of the world (although I’m not holding my breath), […]


Melville United 1, Onehunga Sports 3 Gower Park, Hamilton, July 14 2018 I went to two football games last weekend. One made it to 90 minutes, the other one not so much. But to be honest with you, the one that didn’t was the one I actually did my job […]

One out of two ain’t bad

Future Ferns Domestic Programme 4, Eastern Suburbs 3 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, July 8 2018 Auckland’s lovers of good football were spoilt for choice once again on Sunday. NRFL Women’s Premier boasted four games, any one of which I could have made a compelling case for going to – especially […]

An interview with Katie Rood

Katie Rood captured the imagination of football fans up and down New Zealand and around the world last year when the Football Fern completed one of the more interesting international transfers you will ever see – from Glenfield Rovers to Juventus. My mixed feelings at the time scarcely need explanation. […]