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Stand up for workers in Qatar


After running both a guest post and an interview on the plight of migrant workers in Qatar, by and with very influential people both within New Zealand and on the world stage, it’s probably about time I said something on the subject here myself. Following CTU president Helen Kelly’s post, […]

The Derby of Death

The choreography got slicker as the game wore on! These two are in perfect unison.

Glenfield Rovers 1, Birkenhead United 1 McFetridge Park, Auckland, May 16 2015 The Classico, the Superclassico, the Old Firm, the Derby della Capitale, the Merseyside Derby, the Intercontinental Derby, and the Derby of Death. These are the greatest rivalries of world football – the big seven. Which is the fiercest? […]

Spontaneous combustion

Football Federation Australia CEO David Gallop with Phoenix coach Ernie Merrick before the game

Wellington Phoenix 0, Melbourne City 2 Westpac Stadium, Wellington, May 3 2015 Obviously that was suboptimal. At one end of the scale of importance was my own disappointment. I only tend to see the Phoenix play at the Cake Tin once per year. For that occasion in season 2014/15 to […]

A pat on the back


As a general rule I think self-congratulatory blog posts masquerading as ‘thank you dear readers, I do it all for you’ type nonsense tends towards the rather naff. Which is why I very seldom do such things. But one little indulgence can’t hurt, can it? It should come as little […]

Guest Post – Cup Conundrum


By Jason Heather So the draw is out and the challenges have been accepted. Some teams are up against opponents they’ve never met before and some will be playing each other three times this season. In the case of Papakura v Lynn Avon they will go up against each other […]

Saint Freddy’s Day


Waitakere City 2, Hamilton Wanderers 4 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, April 27 2015 Wait, what? Did I just write what I thought I just wrote? Hang on, let me take another swig of coffee and make sure I’m really awake and that the last few hours weren’t actually a hallucination… […]


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