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The National League Debates


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana Bruce Holloway, winner of ‘Best Publication’ at the 2012 New Zealand Football Media Awards for the superb Waikato Chronicles (follow the link for my review of it), has been at it again! This time with a […]

Tamakae and Tamakou


East Coast Bays 2, Waiuku 0 Bay City Park, Auckland, June 27 2015 Waiuku literally means ‘water and mud’. The place got its name from a Maori princess who was courted by two men named Tamakae and Tamakou. Tamakae was essentially a farmer, whereas Tamakou was a flashy orator. The […]

The World Cup through my lens


In February of this year I received an e-mail from Dwayne Barlow, the WaiBOP Football Federation’s media manager, containing details of how to apply for accreditation for the 2015 FIFA Under 20 World Cup. I hadn’t given any thought to applying until then. To be honest, I hadn’t even given […]

Europe Rules, OK?


Serbia 2, Brazil 1 AET North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 21 2015 Look at me Ma! I’m on the side line at a World Cup final!! What an experience. For the last few weeks I have been relishing the fact that I have had the chance to take photos of […]



Guile  n.  Shrewd or cunning intelligence; crafty or artful deception: ‘he used all his guile and guts to achieve his goals’ Stephen Gove was born in Hillside, Montrose, Scotland, on November 6 1959. He died last Sunday, June 7, aged 55, after a short battle with bowel cancer. Between those […]

Being Brazil


Brazil 0, Portugal 0 AET (Brazil won 3-1 on penalties) Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, June 14 2015 What must it be like to play for a Brazilian age group team? All that history. All that expectation. It’s a lot of pressure, and not just for them. Spare a thought for the […]

The Central premise


Central United 0, Eastern Suburbs 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, June 13 2015 Two grand old clubs played each other at Kiwitea Street today. Between the two of them they have won 12 Chatham Cups since 1951, when Eastern Suburbs won their first, five Northern Premier Leagues and two National Leagues. […]

Rounds of 16


New Zealand 1, Portugal 2 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, June 11 2015 Rounds of 16 have been a World Cup phenomenon for 29 years – since Mexico ‘86, which was also the occasion that launched the worldwide popularity of the Mexican wave! I’ll leave it for you to decide for yourself […]


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