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Te Cup

J. Gordon with Justin Kimberley in hot pursuit

Bucklands Beach AFC 4, Te Kuiti Albion 2 Rogers Park, Auckland, April 21 2014 Here we go again! Chatham Cup 2014 is underway and you know what that means. Obscure little football grounds (even more obscure than my usual haunts) in little enclaves of the country that the eyes of […]

From the back of the net

Anna Harrison trying to stop Halpenny

WaiBOP Magic 56, Northern Mystics 50 Claudelands Arena, Hamilton, April 21 2014 Every now and again I post here about different sports other than football that I get a lot of pleasure out of watching, and one of those sports is netball. Netball is a wonderful game. It’s fast, it’s […]

Coasting to victory

Trent Mayes rounding the keeper!

Metro FC 1, Hibiscus Coast 6 Phyllis Street, Auckland, April 18 2014 YAY EASTER!!! It always comes at such a great time. After a good, long, tranquil Christmas break when you get used to putting your feet up without any responsibility to go out and toil for a living, you […]

Scarves on Statues – Butterfly


[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] ‘Butterfly’ is a sculpture by Llew Summers, located at Auckland Botanic Gardens. On his website, Summers says that “the inspiration for this form was a dance, and the name Butterfly was chosen because of the wing-like limbs and also because of […]

Sunday the 13th

Courtney Noble with Melanie Gooch in pursuit

Eastern Suburbs 2, Three Kings United 0 Madills Farm, Auckland, April 13 2014 My attendance at a close friend’s wedding yesterday kept me from Saturday football action. Before you say it, no, football wasn’t more important on this occasion – I was the best man so unable to pull the […]

Becroft blitz

Tayla O'Brien

Forrest Hill Milford 5, Claudelands Rovers 0 Becroft Park, Auckland, April 6 2014 After checking out the prime movers and shakers in the men’s premier division of the NRFL yesterday, it would have been remiss of me not to also catch the women’s premier equivalent today. This of course could […]

A cautionary tale

Gwyther slotting the penalty past Vlad Frank

Glenfield Rovers 2, Hamilton Wanderers 1 McFetridge Park, Auckland, April 4 2014 It’s week two of the Northern Regional Football League and now we’ve got ourselves a party! The men’s and women’s premier leagues are up and running with their first rounds being played today and tomorrow. Now don’t get […]


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