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Anyone for a fairytale?

Paul of Clout pursued by Mitchell of Slecht

Melville United 4, Papatoetoe 0 Gower Park, Hamilton, September 13 2014 [Before true peace can return to the kingdom, first we must find out once and for all who shall become the rightful heir…] Once upon a time there was a prince named Melville United. Prince Melville was the son […]

The end of the odyssey

Cashmere skipper Tom Schwarz giving the Chatham Cup a wee smooch

Glenfield Rovers 3, Forrest Hill Milford 2 Cashmere Technical 2, Central United 1 QBE (North Harbour) Stadium, Auckland, September 7 2014 Cup Final Day! This season I took up a challenge to follow both of New Zealand’s national cup competitions by spending every round watching the winner of the previous […]

The next chapter


When I started, the original idea was that it would eventually become a group blog. I wanted this to be a place where other New Zealand footballaholics could come and express themselves via the written word and/or read about the beautiful game from a New Zealand perspective. This was […]

Here Taddei…


When Brazilian midfielder Rodrigo Taddei scored a goal for Roma, his celebration was to put his hand under his shirt and up to his chest where he would thump it up and down like a heartbeat. This was oh so appropriate because here was a player who was all ticker. […]

A cruel game

Jamie Pegg and Christopher Clark

Fencibles United 1, Papakura City 1 Riverhills Park, August 30 2014 It was the penultimate day of winter and neither Mother Nature nor the football gods seemed of a mind to cut anyone any slack in Auckland’s East on Saturday. It seems as though I have a way of turning […]



It’s agony waiting for Serie A to start each year, a couple of weeks or more after everyone else in Europe, but FINALLY, this Saturday at 4am New Zealand time, Italian club football kicks off once again with Chievo vs Juventus followed by Roma vs Fiorentina. As it’s getting rather […]

The King is dead, long live the King!


Glenfield Rovers 6, East Coast Bays 3 McFetridge Park, Auckland, August 23 2014 An extra special guard of honour greeted Glenfield Rovers as they entered the McFetridge Park arena yesterday, that marked a real changing of the guard. East Coast Bays, last season’s champions of the Northern Regional Football League, […]

Old scores

Bill Robertson for NCR and Takuya Iwata for Central

Central United 2, Napier City Rovers 0 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, August 17 2014 Here we are at Chatham Cup semi-final time! How did we get here? I’m glad you asked. Deep breath… It all started with 127 teams back in April with a lovely day in Auckland’s far East where […]

Wakey-wakey Italia

Carlo Tavecchio and Demitrio Albertini

I don’t know why I expected better, but I did. Italy is a wonderful place, and I am usually very defensive of it. Nowhere else can you stand in the exact spot that so many Caesars, Popes, heroes and villains have stood in before you and walk in their footsteps. […]


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