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Guest Post – Scotland the maybe

Anya Scotland

By Stephen Coutts SF: ”Yeah, I can’t wait to watch Scotland v Georgia at Hampden tonight – I’m really buzzing for it!” RM: ”Scotland v Georgia…? at Hampden…?” SF: ”Yeah, man, it’s a massive game for us, I really feel we can win this one and open up the group!” […]


Emma Baker for WaiBOP and Melanie Gooch for Auckland

Waikato Bay of Plenty 2, Auckland Football 3 St Peter’s College, Cambridge, October 26 2014 Roma 1, Bayern Munich 7. Sampdoria 0, Roma 0. WaiBOP 2, Auckland 3. It’s been a tough sporting week for me, but ask me which one hurts the most and I will tell you honesty […]

I’m fine really


“I will be watching Roma vs Bayern Munich tonight when I get home. In the meantime, any person or persons I deem responsible for either knowingly or unknowingly allowing me to know the result and/or score and/or any other detail of the match regardless of the significance of said detail […]


Oosterhoff tangling with Northern goalscorer Malia Steinmetz

New Zealand Development 2, Northern Football 2 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, October 19 2014 I have to confess, actually it’s no secret, that I have never been much of a fan of North Harbour Stadium as a football venue. I must say however that it’s all of a sudden beginning […]

A new hope

Rebecca Brown

Waikato Bay of Plenty 4, Central Football 0 St Peter’s College, Cambridge, October 12 2014 Wait, what? Did I just write 4-0? Surely not. Hang on a minute I’ll go and check that was really the score. Back in a tick…….. Hey, wow, yep. It really was 4-0 to WaiBOP! […]


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