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Film Review – Goal of the Dead


In the middle of a zombie apocalypse: – “Don’t shoot! I’m a footballer!!” – “For Caplongue or Paris?” It’s a day of firsts. This is both my first ever film review on this blog, and the first and probably last time I’m ever going to admit that I like a […]

Around the Forums – August 2015


A couple of months ago I undertook to, once a month, read the Northern League Forum and it’s moderately more civilised cousin Yellow Fever, sift through the bile, and summarise the interesting stuff for your reading pleasure. It’s now time for episode four, looking back over the best (so bad they’re good perhaps) comments in […]

Feeling groovy

Emily Oosterhof

Glenfield Rovers 2, Western Springs 0 McFetridge Park, Auckland, August 23 2015 I think if you check the road between Swanson and Glenfield, you might find that I’m starting to wear grooves where my car tyres have driven repeatedly between my house and McFetridge Park! This New Zealand Women’s Knockout […]

Bend it like Mulligan

Benji Roberts lifts the Thomson Shield

Forrest Hill Milford 2, North Shore United 1 Becroft Park, Auckland, August 22 2015 If you’re going to win a league you might as well do it with some style I would have thought. I’m just guessing. Teams I support don’t tend to win leagues very often. But I imagine […]

Guest Post – Draw to a close


By John Palethorpe The end of the season approaches, accompanied by a New Zealand Football review and the continuing caterwaul over eligibility. In the Lotto NRFL Premier, always ahead of the curve, an eligibility appeal against Three Kings United ended up radically shifting the league table in the last few […]

The circus is in town


“A scudetto at Roma is worth 10 at Milan or Juventus” – Fabio Capello 2001 – the last time Roma won Serie A… This is what it looks like when a million people gather in the Circus Maximus on the best day of their lives: Will we finally see this […]

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

Federico Marquez

Hamilton Wanderers 4, Three Kings United 0 Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, August 15 2015 It might be hard to believe but I was always going to go to Wanderers vs Three Kings yesterday. My schedule was planned out weeks ago as I tried to make sure that before the end of […]

Cuppy goodness


Birkenhead United 3, Central United 0 Shepherd’s Park, Auckland, August 9 2015 Back on the 14th of July when I assisted with the Chatham Cup quarter-final draw, I left the headquarters of New Zealand Football with mixed feelings. It had been a thrill to participate in something I have romanticised […]

Do you believe in miracles?

Kieran Frewen tackled by Sam Jasper

Melville United 2, Glenfield Rovers 2 Gower Park, Hamilton, August 8 2015 One of the great things our game has given to the sporting world is the league system that sees teams promoted to and relegated from various divisions from year to year. Its virtue is it creates interest for […]


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