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Winter is coming

Cox and Khanthee at it again

Hamilton Wanderers 3, Metro 3 (Wanderers won 5-4 on aggregate) Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, September 27 2015 It’s hard organising your life around football sometimes. I mean, ok, there are worse problems in the world such as famine, war, oppression etc., but still, having to rearrange things around a game you […]

Random thoughts on Te Cup

Massive Robertson tackle on Bryant

Eastern Suburbs 2, Napier City Rovers 1 AET Trusts Stadium, Auckland, September 20 2015 With a game like this, my ability to add much to the fabric of football culture is limited. If you care enough about the Chatham Cup to read my musings, you either played in it, you […]

The battle of Camford Bridge

Camford Bridge, as I've unilaterally decided to dub John Kerkhof Park

Cambridge 0, Waitemata 2 John Kerkhof Park, Cambridge, September 19 2015 Call me biased, and of course I am, but WaiBOP United was a revelation last summer. They competed for a semi-final spot right up until the end and showed that they could beat anyone on their day – a […]

Ten things I love about Flo


If you’re a football fan and you don’t follow Serie A, the chances are that today you discovered a player you had never heard of before – Alessandro Florenzi. I make that generalisation based on the fact that I don’t think even the BT Sports commentators had heard of him! […]


Robb tangling with Alfie Rogers

Melville United 1, Hamilton Wanderers 3 Gower Park, Hamilton, September 12 2015 The NRFL Premier season is almost over. There are only a handful of catch-up games left to play. The champions have been crowned. The relegation battles have been decided. The mid-table plodders have finished plodding. Everybody knows where […]

Sport and Politics – an Italian art

1994 CL w Berlusconi

This is a little bit naughty but, having thoroughly enjoyed John’s wonderfully evocative post on Tuesday looking at the overlaps between sport and politics, I couldn’t resist coming in over the top with a contribution of my own adding something of an historical perspective… I’ve actually been meaning to write […]

Football Isn’t Political


Football isn’t political. It’s sport. It’s exercise. It’s skill and talent and friendship and competition. For the spectator, it’s stories. The last minute winner, the wonder save, that bloody referee. The pain of defeat, the joy of a win. The frustration at two points dropped, the elation at one gained. […]


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