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Form follows function


Form is a mysterious thing sometimes. You’re either in it or you’re not, and how you get in or out of it is often a mystery to most people, myself included. At some point during season 2014/15, Roma went into a funk and have not as yet emerged. After having […]

No Collins, no party

Eileish Hayes and Casey Risdale compete for an early header

Waikato Bay of Plenty 1, Northern Football 6 St Peter’s College, Cambridge, November 23 2014 I want you to fix your eyes upon this shiny watch… Concentrate… Look at it as it sways… backwards and forwards… Forwards and backwards… Your eyes are veeeeeeery heavy… You are getting veeeeery sleepy… Sleeeeeeeeeeepy… […]

Well that happened fast…

The Aimee Phillips goal that turned the match

Northern Football 1, Mainland Pride 4 Another game we won’t dwell on too much Seddon Fields, Auckland, November 16 2014 All of a sudden it’s all starting to fall into place! With one round to go it’s looking like barring miracles we have our minor premiers and our venue for […]

Newmarket Park

Newmarket Park

Newmarket Park was the home of New Zealand Football between 1964 and 1979. Inaugurated well before I was born and destroyed by a landslide when I was just three years old, I had never set foot on the hallowed ground before, yet I have been moved by the passion with […]

Goals are overrated

Nicole Stratford

New Zealand Development 0, Capital Football 0 Northern Football 0, Auckland Football 1 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, November 9 2014 There are people out there, let’s not name names, for the purposes of this exercise we’ll refer to them simply as HEATHENS, there are HEATHENS out there who think that […]

Guest Post – Get a Philosophy


By Cordwainer Bull A great number of people care deeply about football in New Zealand, but are driven by quite diverse philosophies. That was evident at Celebration of Excellence Dinner in Auckland last night, organised by independent ginger group, Friends of Football, and incorporating the annual New Zealand Football Media […]

I never gloat

Monique Barker with Van Dort in tow

Auckland Football 0, Mainland Pride 3 William Green Domain, Auckland, November 3 2014 Sometimes you turn up to a game expecting a thriller and instead you get a fizzer. This wasn’t really like that despite the score line suggesting it might have been. A real illustration of how a couple […]


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