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Oosterhoff tangling with Northern goalscorer Malia Steinmetz

New Zealand Development 2, Northern Football 2 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, October 19 2014 I have to confess, actually it’s no secret, that I have never been much of a fan of North Harbour Stadium as a football venue. I must say however that it’s all of a sudden beginning […]

A new hope

Rebecca Brown

Waikato Bay of Plenty 4, Central Football 0 St Peter’s College, Cambridge, October 12 2014 Wait, what? Did I just write 4-0? Surely not. Hang on a minute I’ll go and check that was really the score. Back in a tick…….. Hey, wow, yep. It really was 4-0 to WaiBOP! […]

Phoenix Player POWER RANKINGS!

A-League Rd 17 - Phoenix v Adelaide

EXCLUSIVE: The Wellington Phoenix’s A-League season is nearly here. Bet you didn’t know that huh? Well, in fact they play this Sunday against the Perth Glory! Better go sort out how you’re watching that one. Someone alert the Yellow Fever that the season is about to begin, they should probably […]

Rigore per la Juve


I didn’t think I would be too bothered.  Sure, I had read a lot of angry comments from Romanisti about the refereeing display, but I thought it was probably just the usual sort of bleating you get after a loss. I suspected the penalty calls would probably be a bit […]



Auckland City 0, Waitakere United 0 Croatian Cultural Society, Auckland, September 27 2014 The greatest joy of football is the magical escapism it provides. Whether you are at a game singing along with the crowd or cheering your team on from the couch, there’s no better way to forget all […]


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