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Auckland City 0, Waitakere United 0 Croatian Cultural Society, Auckland, September 27 2014 The greatest joy of football is the magical escapism it provides. Whether you are at a game singing along with the crowd or cheering your team on from the couch, there’s no better way to forget all […]

My season in review


My third season covering local club football is over, bar a few catch-up games on the Women’s Premier side of things, and at last we know who the champions are, who is going up and who is going down. After all that fun-filled excitement, I’m here to tell you that […]

Anyone for a fairytale?

Paul of Clout pursued by Mitchell of Slecht

Melville United 4, Papatoetoe 0 Gower Park, Hamilton, September 13 2014 [Before true peace can return to the kingdom, first we must find out once and for all who shall become the rightful heir…] Once upon a time there was a prince named Melville United. Prince Melville was the son […]

The end of the odyssey

Cashmere skipper Tom Schwarz giving the Chatham Cup a wee smooch

Glenfield Rovers 3, Forrest Hill Milford 2 Cashmere Technical 2, Central United 1 QBE (North Harbour) Stadium, Auckland, September 7 2014 Cup Final Day! This season I took up a challenge to follow both of New Zealand’s national cup competitions by spending every round watching the winner of the previous […]

The next chapter


When I started, the original idea was that it would eventually become a group blog. I wanted this to be a place where other New Zealand footballaholics could come and express themselves via the written word and/or read about the beautiful game from a New Zealand perspective. This was […]

Here Taddei…


When Brazilian midfielder Rodrigo Taddei scored a goal for Roma, his celebration was to put his hand under his shirt and up to his chest where he would thump it up and down like a heartbeat. This was oh so appropriate because here was a player who was all ticker. […]

A cruel game

Jamie Pegg and Christopher Clark

Fencibles United 1, Papakura City 1 Riverhills Park, August 30 2014 It was the penultimate day of winter and neither Mother Nature nor the football gods seemed of a mind to cut anyone any slack in Auckland’s East on Saturday. It seems as though I have a way of turning […]


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