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Old scores

Bill Robertson for NCR and Takuya Iwata for Central

Central United 2, Napier City Rovers 0 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, August 17 2014 Here we are at Chatham Cup semi-final time! How did we get here? I’m glad you asked. Deep breath… It all started with 127 teams back in April with a lovely day in Auckland’s far East where […]

Wakey wakey Italia

Carlo Tavecchio and Demitrio Albertini

I don’t know why I expected better, but I did. Italy is a wonderful place, and I am usually very defensive of it. Nowhere else can you stand in the exact spot that so many Caesars, Popes, heroes and villains have stood in before you and walk in their footsteps. […]

Fashion statement


Two things have been happening a bit lately. One is people telling me that there should be t-shirts. The other is my bank balance telling me I should really try to find a fun way to recoup some of the costs I incur pursuing my hobby. So this is […]

Cutis anserina

Zane Olla dealing effectively with Daniel Finlay

Hibiscus Coast 1, Melville United 2 Stanmore Bay Park, Auckland, August 9 2014 I wasn’t going to go to any football on Saturday due to other commitments, but at exactly 2pm (45 minutes before NRFL kick-off time) and after a hard morning putting up election hoardings, my afternoon commitments fell […]

Wahine of Waiheke

Before and after - after 1

Waiheke United 10, Papatoetoe United 0 Onetangi Sports Park, Waiheke Island, August 10 2014 Postponements, postponements, postponements. What to do when the Under 20 Women’s World Cup is on, and as a result of so many women’s premier players being in Canada there are hardly any games to choose from? […]

Making a difference


“So get as many people behind it as you can! Get them subscribing and help give your local club a cash injection!” – The Auckland Football Federation website commands you! PremierLeaguePass have launched a new initiative to support local clubs extremely generously with 20% of every subscription going to a local […]

The art of floodlighting


Ellerslie AFC 0, Mangere United 1 Michaels Avenue, Auckland, August 2 2014 That’s right R2, we’re going to Michaels Avenue. I’ve got a promise to keep… To an old football club. I hate breaking promises. If I tell someone I’m going to do something, there needs to be an exceptionally […]

Party Central

Tade's tackle on Jones. Yellow or red?

Central United 2, Hamilton Wanderers 0 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, July 27 2014 Reciting how I got to each stage of the Chatham Cup odyssey is starting to become a bit like quoting verses from the Old Testament, but here goes. It all started with Bucklands Beach’s 4-2 victory over […]

Number two

FHM celebrating Rollo's winner.

Forrest Hill Milford 2, Coastal Spirit 1 Becroft Park, Auckland, July 20 2014 What makes a good game of football? There are obviously lots of factors. The team you support winning is an obvious prerequisite, and if it’s a come-from-behind victory then all the better. A close contest with both […]


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