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Guilty pleasures


Like all football fans, I love a good striker. It’s not fair, of course. They get all the cheers and fan adulation when they score, without the proper appreciation for the team effort that goes into creating goals – but that’s human nature for you. When it comes to Roma, […]

Getting the boot


Ever since they made their debut a few months back, the first generation t-shirts have been selling like hotcakes! Thanks mum, and the three others who have bought them. In all seriousness, sales so far have provided a princely profit of $25, which ain’t nothing – it’s almost enough […]

The battle of Milford Reserve


Team Japan 6 (Haru 2, Anna 2, Michi, Mark), Team Korea 5 (Nando 3, Toni, Trevor) Milford Reserve, Auckland, January 18 2015 In my 4 years or so writing this blog I have covered games of real significance. Chatham Cup finals, ASB Premiership finals, New Zealand Women’s Knockout Cup finals, […]

For the Turnstiles

Alexis Varela and WaiBOP coach Peter Smith sharing an emotional moment after the final whistle

WaiBOP United 4, Canterbury United 3 John Kerkhof Park, Cambridge, January 17 2015 For the past couple of weeks I have been looking forlornly at everyone else’s Facebook pics of holidays spent on Northland and Coromandel beaches. While all my friends were working on their tans, I was slaving away […]

No Totti, no selfie!


If you are desperately unlucky enough to [still] follow me on Twitter, you’ll know only too well that I was rather enamoured with a certain selfie that happened yesterday morning! If you don’t follow me on Twitter, and you haven’t caught up with the social media phenomenon, I am referring […]

Where the heart leads

DSC04110 (2)

Auckland City 1, Wellington Phoenix A 3 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, January 11 2014 What is it about big dominant football clubs that makes people dislike them? It’s not just New Zealand’s oft lamented ‘tall poppy syndrome’, it’s a worldwide phenomenon.  Ask most Germans what they think of Bayern Munich, most […]

And the award goes to…


Here we go again, I don’t know if I can take another one of these so-called ‘debates’ where unlike most real debates, logic is nowhere to be found. Having to listen to New Zealand sports pundits find new ways to run down the achievements of our footballers really wears me […]

The football media we deserve


“The fact is that over 39 months/editions later I have never had a month where I have broken even let alone made a profit to provide a return on investment for my investor and also a profit to pay back my considerable investment.” – Soccer Talk Editor Glen Price, issue […]


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