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Early days

NZ Development's Michaela Foster heads away from Mainland's Gabrielle Brodie.

New Zealand Development 0, Mainland Pride 2 Taharoto Park, Auckland, October 11 2015 There was so much to look forward to about this game, I hardly know where to start! Of the fixtures in the ASB Women’s League opening day double header, if not the entire round, this was clearly […]

Pick A Side

Like these fine chaps, for example.

Emigration brings a particular and very rare opportunity for the émigré, the chance to pick a team. When you’re young, you tend to be handed your team by your birthplace, or the team your parents supported. If you’re unlucky, you have to choose a side hurriedly when asked by another […]

Northern outlook

Rebecca Burrows under the watchful eye of Coral Seath

Northern Football 4, Football South 0 Taharoto Park, Auckland, October 11 2015 Hello, hello, it’s good to be back, it’s good to be back… It’s summer football time!!  As I have pointed out many times before, the one true benefit of being a football fan in New Zealand is the […]

Honey I shrunk the football season


It’s October! Yay, I love October. It’s up there with the best months of the year. For starters, it’s a “ber”. Bers are great. Once you get into the bers you know three things – winter is over, Christmas isn’t far away, and Liverpool have replaced their manager. October is unique […]

Winter is coming

Cox and Khanthee at it again

Hamilton Wanderers 3, Metro 3 (Wanderers won 5-4 on aggregate) Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, September 27 2015 It’s hard organising your life around football sometimes. I mean, ok, there are worse problems in the world such as famine, war, oppression etc., but still, having to rearrange things around a game you […]

Random thoughts on Te Cup

Massive Robertson tackle on Bryant

Eastern Suburbs 2, Napier City Rovers 1 AET Trusts Stadium, Auckland, September 20 2015 With a game like this, my ability to add much to the fabric of football culture is limited. If you care enough about the Chatham Cup to read my musings, you either played in it, you […]

The battle of Camford Bridge

Camford Bridge, as I've unilaterally decided to dub John Kerkhof Park

Cambridge 0, Waitemata 2 John Kerkhof Park, Cambridge, September 19 2015 Call me biased, and of course I am, but WaiBOP United was a revelation last summer. They competed for a semi-final spot right up until the end and showed that they could beat anyone on their day – a […]

Ten things I love about Flo


If you’re a football fan and you don’t follow Serie A, the chances are that today you discovered a player you had never heard of before – Alessandro Florenzi. I make that generalisation based on the fact that I don’t think even the BT Sports commentators had heard of him! […]


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