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Wanderers Weekend Part 1 – The Fred

Waitakere City 2, Hamilton Wanderers 0 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, May 19 2018 In a spectacular return to form, that will no doubt surprise absolutely nobody apart from me, I have once again managed to jinx a Waikato football club at Fred Taylor Park. After watching Wanderers win this exact […]

Birko massive!

Birkenhead United 3, Waitakere City 2 AET North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, September 11 2016 What a fantastic day! What an absolutely fantastic entire weekend of football I had, as a matter of fact. There are many stories to tell, but I’ll save a lot of them for later – because […]

They’re baaaaaaack!

Waitakere City 6, Hibiscus Coast 0 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, August 13 2016 A New Zealand football division at the top of the pyramid that doesn’t include Waitakere City? We have lived through that previously unthinkable situation for one season but, let’s face it, it was never going to last […]

Which Wai Wins?

Waitakere City 3, Waitemata 1 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, July 16 2016 I’ve seen a Clint Eastwood internet meme posted many times on Facebook over the past week. The message one takes from it is essentially that any adult male who plays “that Pokémon shit” needs to hand in his […]

The team to beat

Waitakere City 2, Three Kings United 1 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, February 21 2016 Now here we have a pre-season friendly with one or two little sub-plots! These were supposed to be the two sides that were relegated from the NRFL premier division at the end of last season, but […]

Guest Post – Draw to a close

By John Palethorpe The end of the season approaches, accompanied by a New Zealand Football review and the continuing caterwaul over eligibility. In the Lotto NRFL Premier, always ahead of the curve, an eligibility appeal against Three Kings United ended up radically shifting the league table in the last few […]

Saint Freddy’s Day

Waitakere City 2, Hamilton Wanderers 4 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, April 27 2015 Wait, what? Did I just write what I thought I just wrote? Hang on, let me take another swig of coffee and make sure I’m really awake and that the last few hours weren’t actually a hallucination… […]

Not again!!!!

Waitakere City 2, Melville United 1 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, April 3 2015 “Here we go Charlie Brown! I’ll hold the ball, and you come running up and kick it!” Charlie Brown fell for Lucy’s football trick for the very first time in the ‘Peanuts’ cartoon on November 16, 1952. […]