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Guest Post – Blown Away

By Damon Threadgold It’s been a joy to watch Waiheke United this season, from the goal sprees to their eye-catching passing via the vim and vigour of La Banda del Pipazo and sunny afternoons on The Hill nestled in a natural verdant bowl. But, all too quickly, the Lotto NRFL Division […]

An even plane

Papatoetoe 2, Forrest Hill Milford 1 Murdoch Park, Auckland, April 24 2016 And the run continues! Three weekends in a row when it’s been fine on Saturday and wet on Sunday. What’s going on? Once again we have had men’s football in perfect conditions and women’s football in miserable ones. […]

Old school

Papatoetoe AFC 0, Lynn Avon 3 Murdoch Park, Auckland, June 6 2015 As I do my rounds of NRFL games, trying to cover as many different clubs as possible in the space of a season, it’s inevitable that there will be some serious sins of omission from time to time. One […]