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How to Kiwi

By Ella and Enzo The Kiwi spirit, the Kiwi way, give ‘em a taste of Kiwi. Defining ourselves as a nation by the way our sports teams play and vice versa is nothing new. But does it actually make any sense? What is “Kiwi”? Decades ago, to be Kiwi or […]

A Really Big Deal

On Wednesday night, at 8pm, the Football Ferns released a video. It was captioned “We’re Coming Home”. Before even watching, then, we knew that New Zealand Football had obtained a major victory, and surmounted a large obstacle in the process, by securing a home game for the Ferns. The question became […]

The joy of six

New Zealand 6, Samoa 0 Ngahue Reserve, Auckland, July 21 2017 What better way is there to spend the last week day of one’s vacation than by standing in torrential rain and hail at Ngahue Reserve, watching New Zealand become the first country in the world (hosts aside) to book […]

Take this!

New Zealand 9, Fiji 1 Ngahue Reserve, Auckland, July 14 2017 In possibly the most obvious statement in blogging history, I feel compelled to point out that Glen Innes, Auckland, doesn’t have a lot in common with Rennes, France at the best of times. And in what will be an […]

Game three

New Zealand Under 20 1, USA Under 19 4 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 19 2016 What can you say about the final fixture in a three game international series, featuring largely the same two sides, when you’ve already blogged the first two games and the result of the third […]

A riveting encounter

New Zealand Under 20 4, USA Under 19 4 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 17 2016 Two days off work to watch football either side of a two-day staff meeting in Wellington, where I got to see some more football, all bookended by two Azzurri victories at Euro 2016. Yes. […]

My two countries

New Zealand A 1, USA Under 19 2 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 14 2016 The last time my two counties played on the same day…… Well, it doesn’t bear remembering really… When I heard that the USA Under 19 women’s national team would be touring New Zealand, and that […]

Like It Or Lump It

Route one football, hoofing it, kick and rush. There are many names for the particularly English style of football, created in part by Wing Commander Charles Reep’s observations of the game in the 1950’s. None of them are very flattering. Teams that employ the tactic are often derided by opposition […]

Dominance & Decline

Into the NZFC final we went. We were on a roll, not having lost a game since January 2015. We were beaten. Matt Calcott shrewdly noting the Auckland back four was relatively untested as a unit, potentially wobbly under pressure. It wasn’t quite the fall of Del Bosque’s tiki-taka steamroller […]

We Are Building A Religion

So, part one covered the interesting choices of grounds. Part two looked at league structure and league returns. Part three is about supporters. In re-organising the structure of the game, there needs to be a reappraisal of how NZF and the clubs/franchises generate support, engage with support, build support from beyond […]