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Wai vs BOP

Melville 2, Rotorua United 3 Gower Park, Hamilton, May 15 2016 In my book, no cup weekend is complete without a taste of the New Zealand Women’s Knockout Cup. That’s why it worked out brilliantly that on the way back from our road trip to Taupo, Gina and I were […]

Plan C

Bay Olympic 4, Melville United 0 Olympic Park, Auckland, March 25 2016 The best laid plans of mice and men… Opening day – Northern Regional Football League 2016! I was looking forward to it oh so very much. I had it all planned out. Gina and I would leave home […]


Melville United 1, Hamilton Wanderers 3 Gower Park, Hamilton, September 12 2015 The NRFL Premier season is almost over. There are only a handful of catch-up games left to play. The champions have been crowned. The relegation battles have been decided. The mid-table plodders have finished plodding. Everybody knows where […]

The Delayed Escape

Going to watch Melville means goals, at the moment. The reversal of Three Kings’ fortunes has galvanised the Hamilton side with recent wins over East Coast Bays and Western Springs, as well as a creditable draw against Glenfield Rovers, each game having a minimum of four goals. Against teams higher […]

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

Hamilton Wanderers 4, Three Kings United 0 Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, August 15 2015 It might be hard to believe but I was always going to go to Wanderers vs Three Kings yesterday. My schedule was planned out weeks ago as I tried to make sure that before the end of […]

Do you believe in miracles?

Melville United 2, Glenfield Rovers 2 Gower Park, Hamilton, August 8 2015 One of the great things our game has given to the sporting world is the league system that sees teams promoted to and relegated from various divisions from year to year. Its virtue is it creates interest for […]

Guest Post – ANZAC Day is derby day

By Rod de Lisle It’s not very often that the respective personnel from Melville and Hamilton Wanderers football club agree on anything. After all, each club is a proverbial ‘Auld Enemy’ to each other, to be chided ruthlessly and defeated at all costs on the field.  Such is the nature […]

Not again!!!!

Waitakere City 2, Melville United 1 Fred Taylor Park, Auckland, April 3 2015 “Here we go Charlie Brown! I’ll hold the ball, and you come running up and kick it!” Charlie Brown fell for Lucy’s football trick for the very first time in the ‘Peanuts’ cartoon on November 16, 1952. […]

Anyone for a fairytale?

Melville United 4, Papatoetoe 0 Gower Park, Hamilton, September 13 2014 [Before true peace can return to the kingdom, first we must find out once and for all who shall become the rightful heir…] Once upon a time there was a prince named Melville United. Prince Melville was the son […]

Cutis anserina

Hibiscus Coast 1, Melville United 2 Stanmore Bay Park, Auckland, August 9 2014 I wasn’t going to go to any football on Saturday due to other commitments, but at exactly 2pm (45 minutes before NRFL kick-off time) and after a hard morning putting up election hoardings, my afternoon commitments fell […]