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Life goes on

Mangere United 1, Ellerslie 1 Centre Park, Auckland, July 2 2016 Leaving this until after Italy has been knocked out of the Euros by Germany was probably not a great idea. What might have been a nice, fluffy, positive piece of writing yesterday, may now turn out to be more […]

But wait, there’s more!

At the risk of turning into one of THOSE bloggers that I don’t really want to be… I have been leaked two e-mails that appear to clearly inform Three Kings United that two of their players were incorrectly registered, and how this came to be the case, some five months before […]

Registering pain

It’s starting to seem a bit like every other week there is an NRFL club getting docked points for player eligibility. This week it was Mangere United. They have been stripped of all the points they had earned so far this season, and they now sit at the bottom of […]

The art of floodlighting

Ellerslie AFC 0, Mangere United 1 Michaels Avenue, Auckland, August 2 2014 That’s right R2, we’re going to Michaels Avenue. I’ve got a promise to keep… To an old football club. I hate breaking promises. If I tell someone I’m going to do something, there needs to be an exceptionally […]

Southern comfort

Mangere United 3, Western Springs 0 Centre Park, Auckland, May 18 2013 One of the funny things unique to football is no matter the score, every game has the capacity to thrill you, or not. A 0-0 can be dour and boring, or it can have you gripping the edge […]