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‘Tis the season to be jolly

Canterbury United Pride 2 Capital Football 0 National Women’s League Final Sunday 11 December 2016 English Park, Christchurch. When I moved back to Wellington from Christchurch, some of my friends who played for the Pride asked me whether I’d be back down to see some of their matches. I said […]

Same same…

WaiBOP 1, Canterbury United Pride 6 John Kerkhof Park, Cambridge, November 20 2016 Picture the scene. It’s John Kerkhof Park, Cambridge. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the National Women’s League is set up beautifully. WaiBOP are unbeaten after four of their six games. The semi-finals are within […]

Pride end Capital’s unbeaten run

Canterbury United Pride 3 Capital Football 1 National Women’s League Sunday 13 November 2016 English Park, Christchurch. Capital were unbeaten in the Women’s league this season but had yet to play the big two—Northern or Canterbury (who had won the between them the previous 5 titles). Canterbury United Pride (a […]

Early days

New Zealand Development 0, Mainland Pride 2 Taharoto Park, Auckland, October 11 2015 There was so much to look forward to about this game, I hardly know where to start! Of the fixtures in the ASB Women’s League opening day double header, if not the entire round, this was clearly […]

Pridey pridey pridey priiiiiidey!

Mainland Pride 3, New Zealand Development 1 English Park, Christchurch, December 7 2014 “PRIDEY PRIDEY PRIDEY PRIIIIIDEY” (to the tune of ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’) rang out over Christchurch’s English Park today as Mainland Pride went back-to-back – winning our nation’s premier women’s football league for the second […]

Well that happened fast…

Northern Football 1, Mainland Pride 4 Another game we won’t dwell on too much Seddon Fields, Auckland, November 16 2014 All of a sudden it’s all starting to fall into place! With one round to go it’s looking like, barring miracles, we have our minor premiers and our hosts for the […]

I never gloat

Auckland Football 0, Mainland Pride 3 William Green Domain, Auckland, November 3 2014 Sometimes you turn up to a game expecting a thriller and instead you get a fizzer. This wasn’t really like that despite the score line suggesting it might have been. A real illustration of how a couple […]

Regime change

Northern Football 2, Mainland Pride 4 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, December 8 2013 The New Zealand Women’s Knockout Cup, the Chatham Cup, and now the National Women’s League – what a hat-trick! The balance of power when it comes to football in New Zealand is shifting south of the Cook […]

I don’t do previews

[This was written a couple of weeks ago for the WaiBOP match-day programme for their double header at Rotorua International Stadium tomorrow. Due to space restrictions they won’t be using it, so I’m posting it here instead] Being a fanatic supporter of Waikato/Bay of Plenty sports teams is never supposed […]