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The coffee is mightier than the grudge

Waitakere United 1, Hawkes Bay United 0 Trusts Stadium, Auckland, January 8 2017 The first and most important commandment that must be adhered to by any true fan of Waikato football is ‘thou shalt hate Waitakere’. It’s written in stone. Through the ages, these annoying Westies have been the big […]

Ten goals for $10

Hamilton Wanderers 6, Hawkes Bay United 4 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, December 18 2016 (Title shamelessly pilfered from Grant Stantiall) Some might say I was unduly harsh on Hamilton Wanderers last week. It was the first time I had ever seen them play in the Stirling Sports Premiership and, based on […]

All that glitters

Auckland City 2, Hawkes Bay United 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, April 5 2015 I was at Kiwitea Street today to watch Auckland City FC win their 6th ASB Premiership title. Without meaning any disrespect to the Hawkes Bay team who proved themselves worthy finalists, let’s be honest, the 2-1 victory […]

RIP my Sony Alpha 65

WaiBOP United 0, Hawkes Ba… This post is dedicated to the memory of my trusty a65. Its first football game was Hawkes Bay United vs Team Wellington at Park Island, Napier. Almost two years later it has shot its last, fittingly also a Hawkes Bay United game, in Cambridge. The […]

A dormant force

Waikato FC 0, Hawkes Bay United 4 Crown Park, Taupo, February 17 2013 Lake Taupo is New Zealand’s largest lake. A dormant volcano, it last erupted around about 180 AD with an explosion so ferocious that it is noted in ancient Chinese history that the sky glowed red. That fact […]