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Tenth labour

Coastal Spirit U-19 Tournament Labour WeekendChristchurch I’ve volunteered at the U-19 Tournament (hosted by Coastal Spirit FC in Christchurch) for most of the ten Labour Weekends since the Tournament’s inception in 2008. The tournament was originally designed to give South Island clubs an alternative to the costs and logistics of […]

Reta’s homecoming

Cashmere Technical 0 Coastal Spirit 1 Reta Fitzpatrick Cup Final Saturday 02 September 2017 English Park The Reta Fitzpatrick Cup is very dear to Coastal Spirit. The Cup is named after a life member of one of the clubs that merged to form Coastal Spirit. Reta Fitzpatrick of Rangers AFC […]

Smith’s Dream

Tasman United 1 Coastal Spirit 4 Mainland Women’s Premier League Sunday 07 May 2017 Saxton Field, Stoke I made another dash across Cook Strait from my home in Wellington. This time to have a look at a Mainland Women’s Premier League (MWPL) match. I’d given up my chance at seeing […]

Heading for the top

Nelson Suburbs 1 Coastal Spirit 1 Mainland Men’s Premier League Sunday 23 April 2017 Saxton Field, Stoke I hadn’t before seen a team look so dejected after going top-of-the table as Coastal Spirit when they traipsed off a warm and sunny Saxton Field. A poor first half, followed by an […]


Tasman United 2 Coastal Spirit 3 Mainland Women’s Premier League Sunday 10 July 2016 Saxton Field, Stoke My third look at a match between Tasman United and Coastal Spirit this year. The first was the first match of the season, the second was serendipitous with Coastal Spirit playing a double […]


The attraction of three Coastal Spirit matches in as many days (including two premier league 1st v 2nd clashes) proved the motivation for a visit to Christchurch. A trip further enhanced when I discovered that one of my favourite bands Street Chant (from Auckland) would be playing the Christchurch leg […]

Number two

Forrest Hill Milford 2, Coastal Spirit 1 Becroft Park, Auckland, July 20 2014 What makes a good game of football? There are obviously lots of factors. The team you support winning is an obvious prerequisite, and if it’s a come-from-behind victory then all the better. A close contest with both […]

I Love This Club – Coastal Spirit

[Welcome to ‘I Love This Club’, a series of guest posts on exploring what makes grassroots New Zealand football people tick, through sharing their stories about why they love their clubs. If you would like to contribute to this series by writing about your special club, please e-mail me […]

Two Rovers, one cup

Claudelands Rovers 0, Glenfield Rovers 4 Galloway Park, Hamilton, August 25 2013 It was the battle of the two Rovers in today’s semi-final of the New Zealand Women’s Knockout Cup. For the victor, a date with Christchurch club Coastal Spirit in the final. For the vanquished, season over, so long […]