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Lights Shine but Pride Roar

The stage could hardly have been more perfectly set for today’s National Women’s League Grand Final. Trusts’ Stadium’s pohutukawa-lined pitch looked flawless and Auckland produced one of its best December days. Most importantly, the two sides in the final were so evenly-matched that no one could predict what was about […]

Fraternising with the enemy

Waitakere United 1, Canterbury United Dragons 1 Trusts Stadium, Auckland, January 14 2017 This was my third men’s national league football game since the 2017/18 season began, and it was also my third Waitakere United game of the summer. Is it time to admit I’ve got a problem? They say […]

Pride end Capital’s unbeaten run

Canterbury United Pride 3 Capital Football 1 National Women’s League Sunday 13 November 2016 English Park, Christchurch. Capital were unbeaten in the Women’s league this season but had yet to play the big two—Northern or Canterbury (who had won the between them the previous 5 titles). Canterbury United Pride (a […]

The Draw

A football match without goals is somehow incomplete. Obviously the point of the game is to score at least one more than your opponent and the 0 – 0 draw is often used by those who criticise the game as proof that football is, at heart, boring. Because sometimes nothing […]

Didn’t. Died.

WaiBOP United 2, Canterbury United 3 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, February 7 2016 It was a do or die game for WaiBOP United, the pundits told us. From a WaiBOP fan’s point of view – we didn’t, so I guess that means we died. Not entirely – there is still a […]

Back to kindergarten

WaiBOP United 2, Canterbury United 3 Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, December 6 2015 I wasn’t going to write anything about last night’s A-League game at North Harbour Stadium. This is mostly due to the fact that I was in a huff because the FFA rejected my application for photographer credentials for […]

For the Turnstiles

WaiBOP United 4, Canterbury United 3 John Kerkhof Park, Cambridge, January 17 2015 For the past couple of weeks I have been looking forlornly at everyone else’s Facebook pics of holidays spent on Northland and Coromandel beaches. While all my friends were working on their tans, I was slaving away […]

A Ngara 5 goal defeat

Waikato FC 0, Canterbury United 5 Centennial Park, Ngaruawahia, November 25 2012 It’s great to see Waikato FC making use of Centennial Park in the small North Waikato town of Ngaruawahia. A little piece of colonialism in a place famous for being the home of Maori royalty, Ngaruawahia United Football […]


Team Wellington 0, Canterbury United 1 Wellington Phoenix 0, Central Coast Mariners 1 Westpac Stadium, Wellington, November 11 2012 Luckily I didn’t fly all the way down to Wellington solely for these two football games. I came for a work trip that happily coincided with last weekend’s big Wellington double […]