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Idiotic pronouncements

Fencibles 3, Ngaruawahia 1 Riverhills Park, Auckland, April 16 2016 It’s more than past time I saw Ngaruawahia United again! And where better to check out my favourite Northern League club than at Riverhills Park, a special little football ground that always provides a picturesque setting, and against Fencibles United, […]

Guest Post – Diminishing Fury

By Cordwainer Bull It’s an unfortunate back-handed tribute to Dave Cook that the AFC Fury club he founded has surrendured its northern league ambitions so soon after his own demise. Dave was the pulse of the club, and yesterday, barely weeks after his death, Auckland Football advised AFC Fury had […]

Guest Post – Cook’s recipe

[Yesterday I drafted up something of a tribute post to Dave Cook, Chairman of AFC Fury, who sadly passed away last Saturday. Given the sensitive nature of the topic, I wanted a second pair of eyes to take a look before I published it. So I sent it to Cordwainer Bull […]

Plan C

Bay Olympic 4, Melville United 0 Olympic Park, Auckland, March 25 2016 The best laid plans of mice and men… Opening day – Northern Regional Football League 2016! I was looking forward to it oh so very much. I had it all planned out. Gina and I would leave home […]

The way the cookie crumbles

Manukau City 2, AFC Fury 1 Walter Massey Park, Auckland, April 13 2015 Exactly eighteen months and one week – that’s how long it’s been since the last time I saw AFC Fury in the flesh. It seems like a lifetime ago! On October 5 2013 they blitzed Papakura City […]

Guest Post – RE: Guest Players

By David Cook “Any player who is not a New Zealand citizen or who does not hold a permanent resident permit, and requires an ITC (International Transfer Certificate)  to play in New Zealand, is to be regarded as a “Guest Player.” – NZF Regulation 5. 13.1 As most people know, […]

The fast and the furious

Papakura City 2, AFC Fury 4 (Fury won 5-2 on aggregate) Bruce Pullman Park, Auckland, October 5 2013 Some say he lives in an underground lair beneath White Island, has a staircase that leads down to the fires of hell, and that that’s where he recruits most of his players. […]