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My year in photos

Vox populi, vox Dei – the voice of the people is the voice of God. Democracy reigns supreme. The customer is always right. Give the people what they want. Whatever modern context you want to put it in, it remains a 300 year old philosophy that is as important today […]

Your faves

I’ve told you which games were my ten favourites this year, now it’s time to tell you which ITBOTN posts published in 2017 were your ten favourites – according to the numbers of people who read them. Interestingly this year only four of the top ten are posts that resulted […]

My faves

On Sunday Andrew Voerman, who is New Zealand’s premier football writer in my opinion, tweeted his top ten favourite games he’s seen live this year. They say that good writers borrow from other writers and great writers steal from them outright – it’s in that spirit that I thought I’d […]


With 2015 almost at an end, the time has come once again to bore you with a year in review post. In previous years I have done this by going through every month and picking out a few highlights from each. But this year, like an anally retentive music collector […]

Gap filler III

“Oh, no… Surely not! Not this again!!! Nobody read it the first time. Nobody read it the second time. So what makes him think that anyone will stoop so low, will have so little to do in the middle of the festive season, be utterly sad enough to read yet […]

Gap filler II

What on earth could be worse than a year in review post? Nothing. Except, there is one thing worse than a year in review post. Two year in review posts! Yes, that’s right, just when you thought I couldn’t stoop any lower than this time last year without emerging somewhere […]