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Still got that feeling?

Cambridge 2, Waiheke 3 John Kerkhof Park, Cambridge, May 13 2018 I lost track of the number of people who asked me if I was going to the McLeod Road derby (HNK Auckland Croatia v Waitemata) for my Chatham Cup fix this weekend! As tempting as that intriguing little contest […]

Top of the (infla-)table

Manukau City 3, Takapuna 2 Walter Massey Park, Auckland, August 21 2017 (Credit for the title goes to Phil Clayton) On Friday night I broke my golden rule of never going to night games, because I was expecting a trophy presentation. I didn’t get to see one because Forrest Hill […]

Ten goals for $10

Hamilton Wanderers 6, Hawkes Bay United 4 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, December 18 2016 (Title shamelessly pilfered from Grant Stantiall) Some might say I was unduly harsh on Hamilton Wanderers last week. It was the first time I had ever seen them play in the Stirling Sports Premiership and, based on […]

Five freaks

I’m not ashamed to admit that last Sunday afternoon I reached peak football freak – a state of being that is reserved only for the rarest, most magical of occasions when everything falls perfectly into place. Ideally, there are a few key ingredients that are required before one can ascend […]

Birko massive!

Birkenhead United 3, Waitakere City 2 AET North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, September 11 2016 What a fantastic day! What an absolutely fantastic entire weekend of football I had, as a matter of fact. There are many stories to tell, but I’ll save a lot of them for later – because […]

Two Saturdays, two shields!

Oratia United 3, Papakura City 4 Parrs Park, Auckland, August 29 2015 “URGH! Enzo! We lose whenever you turn up, can you go away please???” – Jason Heather, Papakura coach. It was a fair enough request. I have certainly been in attendance during some of Papakura’s darkest moments over the […]