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Capital punishment

Auckland 1, Capital 3 William Green Domain, Auckland, October 30 2016 There goes my pre-season prediction that Auckland would come third in the National Women’s League! With only three rounds played, that possibility already looks like it’s out the window. The ladies from the City of Sails couldn’t afford to […]

The race for third place

Auckland 0, WaiBOP 0 William Green Domain, Auckland, October 26 2015 What does one say about a 0-0 draw? The dreaded score line that those who don’t have the grey matter to appreciate the intricacies of the beautiful game so often mock? What you usually say to them is “get […]

I never gloat

Auckland Football 0, Mainland Pride 3 William Green Domain, Auckland, November 3 2014 Sometimes you turn up to a game expecting a thriller and instead you get a fizzer. This wasn’t really like that despite the score line suggesting it might have been. A real illustration of how a couple […]

Battle of the bridge

Auckland Football 0, Northern Football 2 William Green Domain, Auckland, November 11 2013 Another Sunday, another Auckland Football Federation National Women’s League game. It’s starting to feel a bit like I’m following these JAFA ladies all over the country, and in a sense I am, but it’s only because they […]

The devil you don’t know

NZ Under 17 Selection 1, Football South 2 Auckland Football Federation 1, Waikato Bay of Plenty 0 William Green Domain, Auckland, 27 October 2013 Two things said to me on the side-lines stand out about today. The first was as the Under 17 v Football South game was part way […]