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The hitchhiker

New Zealand 0, Peru 0 Westpac Stadium, Wellington, November 11 2017 I wish I was an Aztec Or a runner in Peru I would build such beautiful buildings To house the chosen few Like an Inca from Peru From around 10:30am on Wednesday the 11th of October, New Zealand time, […]

All’s Welly that ends Welly

New Zealand 2, Fiji 0 Westpac Stadium, Wellington, March 28 2017 [Special thanks to Cameron McIntosh (Photomac) for supplying all photos of this game.] My employer sends me to Wellington at least four or five times a year and, as a general rule, these trips seem specially formulated to occur […]

Spontaneous combustion

Wellington Phoenix 0, Melbourne City 2 Westpac Stadium, Wellington, May 3 2015 Obviously that was suboptimal. At one end of the scale of importance was my own disappointment. I only tend to see the Phoenix play at the Cake Tin once per year. For that occasion in season 2014/15 to […]

Guest Post – Do you hear the people sing?

[Exactly a fortnight ago on this bandwidth I made the case for a 10,000-12,000 seat stadium in Petone. Today, in the interests of a balanced debate, Zio Steve,’s Phoenix season ticket holder in residence, presents the other side of the argument.] By Steven Hill There is a symbiotic relationship between […]

Bread and circuses

You can see why the Coliseum wasn’t built in New Zealand. Aside from the obvious fact that the closest things to people living here in 70AD were flightless birds, can you imagine the fuss? There would have been neighbourhood meetings stacked with angry local NIMBYs, councils telling central government to […]

Guest Post – Filling up the tin

By Steven Hill Last Saturday I went to the Phoenix game early so I could watch Team Wellington play the Wanderers in the ASB Premiership. It was a good game. The young Wanderers competed well against their unrestricted-age opponents. It convinced me that it’s a good concept and a good […]

Ten key learnings going forward

New Zealand 2, Mexico 4 (Mexico won 3-9 on aggregate) Estadio Westpac, Wellington, November 20 2013 Yesterday I learned ten things. 1. I learned that 35,000 people in a stadium who know their team is going to lose before a ball is even kicked can still have a good time […]

Auckland or Wellington?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips! New Zealand has shed blood and brain tissue, squeaked past the great powerhouse of international football that is New Caledonia, and made it to the last hurdle – a two legged playoff with the fourth best North and Central American team for a coveted […]