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Wetting the appetite

Western Springs 0, Birkenhead United 5 Seddon Fields, Auckland, February 7 2014 I am a little bit weird because winter is my favourite time of the year. You can keep your summer with its heat, sweat, skin cancer causing rays, flies buzzing around your head and mosquitos trying to eat […]

Catching up

Papakura City 2, Western Springs 1 McLennan Park, Auckland, July 7 2013 “That’s right, R-2. We’re going to the Dagobah System. I have a promise to keep… to an old friend.” – Luke Skywalker A week and a half ago, in a moment of weakness during a wonderful pasta dinner […]

Southern comfort

Mangere United 3, Western Springs 0 Centre Park, Auckland, May 18 2013 One of the funny things unique to football is no matter the score, every game has the capacity to thrill you, or not. A 0-0 can be dour and boring, or it can have you gripping the edge […]