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Throwback Thursday: Hit For Six

In Spain they call it ‘la manita’, the little hand. Five goals, without reply. When Barcelona put five past Real Madrid in 2010, the pictures in the papers the next day were of Pique, Busquets and Puyol with their hands raised towards their supporters.  The Phoenix had scored a finger […]

Throwback Thursday: Phoenix Fightback

Disappointing is one word you could use to describe the New Zealand contribution to the first two years of the A League. The ill-fated Knights had finished rock bottom twice, with attendances dropping into three figures at times. Their license to compete was eventually rescinded by the FFA in January […]

The blame game

Singling out New Zealand Football as an incompetent organisation seems to be everybody’s favourite sport at the moment but, in the finest traditions of contrary bastards everywhere, I’m not playing. The comedy of errors presided over by our national governing body recently may not exactly be helping their cause but […]

Nobody likes a snitch

Waitakere United 4, Wellington Phoenix 1 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, January 17 2016 I did a lot of umming and ahing about whether or not to attend this particular fixture. It seemed like a great idea in my head when I was thinking “Fred Taylor Park – five minute drive” […]

Pitched Battle

So. I’m an Auckland City FC supporter. I live within bus, bike or car distance of Kiwitea, they’re my team, I watch them play every game I can. I suppose I’m an adopted JAFA, although the term ‘Aucklander’ is about as useful as ‘Wellingtonian’ when you’re there. For the record, […]

The Numbers Game

The FFA aren’t interested in the football played in the A League. What they are interested in is numbers. Numbers of people through the gate, the profit/loss ratio of clubs and the amount they have to pay to keep those clubs going. Their ultimate aim is to have self-sufficient clubs […]

Around the Forums – Dark times

There is a theory that football clubs are families and that football lovers the world over are one gigantic family. Not always a happy family – there are in-laws and outlaws – but a family none the less. And an injury to one is an injury to all. If that’s true, the death of a football club is a death in the family – and whatever kind of family you are in, we all know it’s the hard times that bring us together.

Spontaneous combustion

Wellington Phoenix 0, Melbourne City 2 Westpac Stadium, Wellington, May 3 2015 Obviously that was suboptimal. At one end of the scale of importance was my own disappointment. I only tend to see the Phoenix play at the Cake Tin once per year. For that occasion in season 2014/15 to […]