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England Expects (Nothing)

It’s been four years since Roy Hodgson announced his first England squad as manager. In football terms, that’s an eternity. When you consider that 58 of the 92 English football league clubs changed manager in the 2015 – 16 season, four years is infinity for a manager. I checked back […]

England’s ‘Great Player’ Problem

Consider an international footballer. A striker. Having been picked for four international tournaments in succession he has scored a total of two goals. Time has not been kind, stripping him of pace and making him vulnerable to injury. There’s a major tournament in 2016. Do you pick him a fifth […]

In Search Of Lost Time: Euro 2004

As the twenty five year mark rolled around for Italia ’90, those who were there and old enough to recall dusted off their memories and flocked to YouTube where, inevitably, the pre-digital footage didn’t seem quite as vibrant as their emotion soaked memories. It’s a strange thing isn’t it, the […]