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The race for third place

Auckland 0, WaiBOP 0 William Green Domain, Auckland, October 26 2015 What does one say about a 0-0 draw? The dreaded score line that those who don’t have the grey matter to appreciate the intricacies of the beautiful game so often mock? What you usually say to them is “get […]

No Collins, no party

Waikato Bay of Plenty 1, Northern Football 6 St Peter’s College, Cambridge, November 23 2014 I want you to fix your eyes upon this shiny watch… Concentrate… Look at it as it sways… backwards and forwards… Forwards and backwards… Your eyes are veeeeeeery heavy… You are getting veeeeery sleepy… Sleeeeeeeeeeepy… […]


Waikato Bay of Plenty 2, Auckland Football 3 St Peter’s College, Cambridge, October 26 2014 Roma 1, Bayern Munich 7. Sampdoria 0, Roma 0. WaiBOP 2, Auckland 3. It’s been a tough sporting week for me, but ask me which one hurts the most and I will tell you honesty […]

A new hope

Waikato Bay of Plenty 4, Central Football 0 St Peter’s College, Cambridge, October 12 2014 Wait, what? Did I just write 4-0? Surely not. Hang on a minute I’ll go and check that was really the score. Back in a tick…….. Hey, wow, yep. It really was 4-0 to WaiBOP! […]

I Love This Club – Matamata Swifts

[Welcome to ‘I Love This Club’, a series of guest posts on exploring what makes grassroots New Zealand football people tick, through sharing their stories about why they love their clubs. If you would like to contribute to this series by writing about your special club, please e-mail me […]

I don’t do previews

[This was written a couple of weeks ago for the WaiBOP match-day programme for their double header at Rotorua International Stadium tomorrow. Due to space restrictions they won’t be using it, so I’m posting it here instead] Being a fanatic supporter of Waikato/Bay of Plenty sports teams is never supposed […]

The devil you don’t know

NZ Under 17 Selection 1, Football South 2 Auckland Football Federation 1, Waikato Bay of Plenty 0 William Green Domain, Auckland, 27 October 2013 Two things said to me on the side-lines stand out about today. The first was as the Under 17 v Football South game was part way […]


Waikato Bay of Plenty 2, Capital Football 7 St Peter’s College, Cambridge, October 20 2013 Why, oh why, does football do this to us? It started so well for my WaiBOP! An early goal! I literally jumped for joy! But, if you please, before my feet had even hit the […]

An interview with Peter Smith

When the coaching appointment for the WaiBOP United ASB Premiership franchise was announced, it caused something of a stir. Many thought it odd that the job had been given to a relatively unheralded Scotsman, especially given that Wanderers coach Mark Cossey had done such a wonderful job of salvaging Waikato […]

A Claudelands cracker

Claudelands Rovers 4, Te Atatu AFC 3 Centennial Park, Ngaruawahia, March 2 2013 For as long as I can remember there has been a gloating Waikato Draught billboard situated on the left hand side of State Highway 1 as you drive into Huntly, the gateway to the Waikato District. It […]