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Ten goals for $10

Hamilton Wanderers 6, Hawkes Bay United 4 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, December 18 2016 (Title shamelessly pilfered from Grant Stantiall) Some might say I was unduly harsh on Hamilton Wanderers last week. It was the first time I had ever seen them play in the Stirling Sports Premiership and, based on […]

The gumboots, the swandris and the Phoenix

Wellington Phoenix 3, Central Coast Mariners 0 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, December 10 2016 Unlike my abysmal record watching Waikato teams live, my record at Phoenix games is quite good. I very rarely see them lose. So my presence on the sidelines, as New Zealand’s only professional football team played their […]

A couple of questions

Wellington Phoenix 4, Hamilton Wanderers 0 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, December 10 2016 It took ten years for me to witness a Waikato FC/WaiBOP United victory with my own eyes in the franchise based men’s national league. And for a good nine of those ten years of misery, the performances I […]

Didn’t. Died.

WaiBOP United 2, Canterbury United 3 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, February 7 2016 It was a do or die game for WaiBOP United, the pundits told us. From a WaiBOP fan’s point of view – we didn’t, so I guess that means we died. Not entirely – there is still a […]

Chase the Sun

WaiBOP United 5, Waitakere United 0 Waikato Stadium, January 21 2016 “Da DA da da daaaa, da da da daaaa, da da da, OI! OI! OI! OI!” WaiBOP United appear to have taken to playing the darts song over their PA system after every home win. And it’s been getting […]

Red and blue collar crime

WaiBOP United 3, Southern United 0 Waikato Stadium, January 14 2016 WaiBOP victories? Oh, they are soooo last season. Sure, before 2014/15 I had never seen one in my life, but now I’ve seen HUNDREDS of them! How predictable they are, how clichéd and almost monotonous! Whatever happened to those […]

Why I’m a fan

WaiBOP United 0, Auckland City 2 Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, December 20 2015 [The below was published in the WaiBOP United match day programme today and I’m lazy so I’m also posting it as my piece from the game. There will be a substantial WaiBOP post midweek to make up for […]

Being Brazil

Brazil 0, Portugal 0 AET (Brazil won 3-1 on penalties) Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, June 14 2015 What must it be like to play for a Brazilian age group team? All that history. All that expectation. It’s a lot of pressure, and not just for them. Spare a thought for the […]