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Breaking Point

Recently, one of US women’s soccer’s original franchises the Boston Breakers folded, only a few short weeks out from the start of preseason and after the draft had taken place. In 2018, the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) will be a nine team league. The Breakers’ roster was made part […]

Hope Solo: US Soccer’s Next President?

For those familiar with the past decade of US women’s soccer history, the news that the former national team goalkeeper, Hope Solo, was running for the US Soccer presidency was surprising to say the least. Even though the appeal of a supposedly anti-establishment figure taking power is not an unfamiliar […]

The NWSL: A Status Update

The National Women’s Soccer League, otherwise known as the NWSL, has to be considered a vulnerable league. In 2016, the NWSL played its fourth season, becoming the first professional women’s soccer league in the States to make it that far. In 2017, they surpassed that mark and have just completed […]

The Matilda Effect: The New 99ers?

Something is happening across the Tasman. The Australian Women’s National Team (the Matildas), are currently taking Australia, and the rest of the world, by storm. We’re used to women’s football being in the news because of pay disputes, or Hope Solo calling Sweden cowards, or because it’s the United States. […]

Game three

New Zealand Under 20 1, USA Under 19 4 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 19 2016 What can you say about the final fixture in a three game international series, featuring largely the same two sides, when you’ve already blogged the first two games and the result of the third […]

A riveting encounter

New Zealand Under 20 4, USA Under 19 4 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 17 2016 Two days off work to watch football either side of a two-day staff meeting in Wellington, where I got to see some more football, all bookended by two Azzurri victories at Euro 2016. Yes. […]

My two countries

New Zealand A 1, USA Under 19 2 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 14 2016 The last time my two counties played on the same day…… Well, it doesn’t bear remembering really… When I heard that the USA Under 19 women’s national team would be touring New Zealand, and that […]

Taking sides

Panama 0, Ghana 1 Ukraine 3, USA 0 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 5 2015 I’m not the sort of person who can watch a game of football and just be ‘neutral’. I have to be hoping that one side or the other will win. Thankfully, it’s not a terribly debilitating […]


New Zealand 0, USA 4 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 3 2015 In loving memory of a football tragic, who died a tragic death yesterday. Lover of football, cricket, writing, photography, social democratic politics and Siamese cats – he will be sorely missed by the many who knew him. Little […]