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Being relentlessly positive carries one true benefit. When the inevitable occurs and, like a stopped clock, you are occasionally proved right (twice a day in the clock’s case, much rarer in mine) you get the pleasure of saying I told you so. Negative people don’t get to do this. No […]

Fantasy Serie Apdate

At the start of the season, I said that if the official Fantasy Serie A league filled up to its maximum 20 participants, I would embed the points table in the sidebar of the blog for all to monitor progress. The threat obviously hasn’t been carried out, but I […]

The eight laws of Fantasyland

I live in a fantasyland where I’m the manager of a top flight Italian football team. It boasts some of the best players in the world – Totti, Cavani, Hamsik and De Sanctis, along with the best young talent money can buy in the likes of El Sharaawy, Lamela and […]