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Today Tomorrow Timaru

Timaru City AFC.

Timaru City AFC celebrate their 50th anniversary this year (2018). Their major honour was in 1971 when they won Southern League Division Two. This year, City finished 8th of 8 in South Canterbury Division 1. However, for South Islanders outside of South Canterbury, the club is renowned for its annual […]

Once Every Four Years

‘Tis the night before Russia 2018, and Spain has just fired the coach of their team. The world is obsessed with Nigeria’s kits, and Twitter is filling with footballing gifs. England are trying not to get their hopes up, for the approximate fortnight they’ll be in the Cup. Sweepstakes are […]

Tenth labour

Coastal Spirit U-19 Tournament Labour WeekendChristchurch I’ve volunteered at the U-19 Tournament (hosted by Coastal Spirit FC in Christchurch) for most of the ten Labour Weekends since the Tournament’s inception in 2008. The tournament was originally designed to give South Island clubs an alternative to the costs and logistics of […]