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Scarves on Statues – Possum Bourne

[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] Possum Bourne was a rally driver who competed in the World Rally Championship 15 times over a 20 year career from 1983 until 2003, when he was tragically killed. If he had been operating in the realm of football, he would […]

Scarves on Statues – Kids

This statue is in Waihi, a small gold mining town situated at the gateway to the Upper North Island’s holiday playground, the Coromandel Peninsula. The plaque says simply: “KIDS … Having fun is timeless. All it requires is imagination.” This weekend is the last round of Italian club football for the […]

Scarves on Statues – Lord Auckland

[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] New Zealand’s first Governor General named Auckland after the man who awarded him command of the ‘HMS Rattlesnake’ in 1834. George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland, never once set foot here. His greatest claim to fame is that he was Governor […]

Scarves on Statues – ‘Robbie’

[Previous instalments in the ‘Scarves on Statues’ series can be found here] So many of Auckland’s statues are of little relevance to Auckland. Even Lord Auckland, the city’s namesake whose monument stands outside the municipal building, never set foot in New Zealand in his life. Too often they stand up […]

Waikato Chronicles

Waikato FC 2, Team Wellington 3 Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, February 5 2012 CB: “Barbecues on the grass banks on a sultry cloudless evening, a few beers after work, a twilight kick-off… the sooner we get summer soccer the better.” AH: “There’s more chance of Brian Chisholm biting someone’s ear.” – […]