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If it wasn’t for hard times…

Hamilton Wanderers 2, Waitakere United 4 Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, December 10 2017 It’s the hope that kills you… With the National Women’s League final taking place in Christchurch again this year, and flights out of my price range, I headed down to Hamilton yesterday to watch my favourite men’s national […]

Throwback Thursday: Hit For Six

In Spain they call it ‘la manita’, the little hand. Five goals, without reply. When Barcelona put five past Real Madrid in 2010, the pictures in the papers the next day were of Pique, Busquets and Puyol with their hands raised towards their supporters.  The Phoenix had scored a finger […]

Hudson’s Herbert Moment

It’s been four years since the ‘Horror of Honiara’. The All Whites coach of 2012, Ricki Herbert, is currently head coach of the Maldives National team, placed one higher than New Zealand in the rankings. So, that’s a promising start. It’s not been easy for Anthony Hudson. His complaint about […]

Herbert out

It has appeared for quite some time that 2012/13 would be characterised forever in my mind as the season of teams I support showing no patience with their coaches, much to my dismay, but this one really takes the cake. New Zealand football has so much to thank Ricki Herbert […]

Who are we?

“WHO ARE YA? WHO ARE YA? WHO ARE YA?” Such is the chorus of the Wellington Phoenix ultras group ‘Yellow Fever’ when anyone takes a corner kick from their wedge of Westpac Stadium. Before Alessandro Del Piero’s A-League debut, I advised them via Twitter that repeating this tradition to him […]