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Idiotic pronouncements

Fencibles 3, Ngaruawahia 1 Riverhills Park, Auckland, April 16 2016 It’s more than past time I saw Ngaruawahia United again! And where better to check out my favourite Northern League club than at Riverhills Park, a special little football ground that always provides a picturesque setting, and against Fencibles United, […]

Winter is coming

Hamilton Wanderers 3, Metro 3 (Wanderers won 5-4 on aggregate) Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, September 27 2015 It’s hard organising your life around football sometimes. I mean, ok, there are worse problems in the world such as famine, war, oppression etc., but still, having to rearrange things around a game you […]

A cruel game

Fencibles United 1, Papakura City 1 Riverhills Park, August 30 2014 It was the penultimate day of winter and neither Mother Nature nor the football gods seemed of a mind to cut anyone any slack in Auckland’s East on Saturday. It seems as though I have a way of turning […]

A green feat

Ngaruawahia United 5, North Shore United 0 Centennial Park, Ngaruawahia, September 14 2013 One of the things I often get praised about for this blog is my lack of bias. I struggle to understand this. Like anyone, I have emotional reactions to various clubs and that means soft spots for […]