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Twenty Six Minutes Of Bliss

It was the 24th of April 2005. A Sunday. I stagger off the first train back from London smelling of sweat, smoke and stale beer to find the platform lined with police. Fluorescent yellow is the colour, radios crackle and the tension in the air is palpable. I’m at Fratton […]

Fairytale Adventures

Leicester are top of the league. This isn’t supposed to happen. The plucky team of cobbled together players taking the top flight by storm is a tale from another age, before money bloated the game beyond sense and fair play. It’s Clough. It’s Forest. Instead of John Robertson and Trevor […]

The Model

Yesterday I started picking through the televising of this years ASB Premiership, the issues of small crowds in big venues and a little more besides. Let’s pick up where we left off. Televising the ASB Premiership is good, but it won’t expand the game’s presence without an atmosphere to match. […]

Football Isn’t Political

Football isn’t political. It’s sport. It’s exercise. It’s skill and talent and friendship and competition. For the spectator, it’s stories. The last minute winner, the wonder save, that bloody referee. The pain of defeat, the joy of a win. The frustration at two points dropped, the elation at one gained. […]