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The Return Fixture Episode 1: NWL Preview

Helena, Ella and Enzo introduce themselves and the podcast, and put their reputations on the line by making predictions for the upcoming National Women’s League season. They’re also joined by New Zealand Football’s Women’s Development Manager Holly Nixon, who offers the team some much-needed expertise and perspective. Note 1: During Holly’s […]

Hobbling into summer

Northern Football 5, Central Football 1 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, October 9 2017 It had been so long since the last fine day in Auckland that I was starting to believe it occurred sometime around about the Palaeolithic Period – right around the time that humans first started to find […]

The best league in the land

New Zealand’s coolest football competition (in my book) kicks off on Sunday! The National Women’s league boasts the cream of the crop from those who play domestically in a football nation ranked 18th in the world by FIFA. That’s us, in case you were wondering! But having said how much […]

Keeping score

Earlier in the year I did a prediction post answering questions posed by a fellow Roma fan about what sort of season our beloved Lupi would have in 2013/14. Obviously there’s no point doing a prediction post unless there is some accountability once all is done and dusted and therefore […]


Being relentlessly positive carries one true benefit. When the inevitable occurs and, like a stopped clock, you are occasionally proved right (twice a day in the clock’s case, much rarer in mine) you get the pleasure of saying I told you so. Negative people don’t get to do this. No […]