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If it wasn’t for hard times…

Hamilton Wanderers 2, Waitakere United 4 Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, December 10 2017 It’s the hope that kills you… With the National Women’s League final taking place in Christchurch again this year, and flights out of my price range, I headed down to Hamilton yesterday to watch my favourite men’s national […]

What Wanderers Are Missing – An Edge!

[This piece first appeared in the Hamilton Wanderers match day programme ‘Sidelined’ on the 10th of December 2017] OK, so let’s talk about the elephant in the room – Wanderers’ start to the ISPS Handa Premiership season. It hasn’t been that great, has it? Not to worry though, because I’ve […]

Toil and trouble

Hamilton Wanderers 3, Northland 3 Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, May 28 2017 Going into this weekend there were two NRFL women’s Premier teams left that I still hadn’t seen in action this season, and as luck would have it they were playing a super important game against each other. I couldn’t […]

An eye opener

Hamilton Wanderers 0, Glenfield Rovers 1 Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, August 6 2016 “So let me get this straight, the youngest member of the team has made the bus late.” “I know, 17 years old. He should be there early warming up all the seats for us.” Here I was, on […]

Five of the most improved

Last month I bowed to public pressure and wrote a post ranking my five favourite football grounds in New Zealand. In so doing, I also acknowledged requests for follow up pieces looking at the most improved, depressing, wind-blown and inaccessible grounds along with the best and worst stadium food. You’ll […]

The case for Hamilton Wanderers

By Rod de Lisle Hamilton Wanderers have a bit in common with my favourite English team, Leicester City. Both play in blue and both have featured All White Chris Wood in their playing lineup. And like the mighty foxes, Wanderers have latterly punched above their  weight on the playing field […]

Back to kindergarten

WaiBOP United 2, Canterbury United 3 Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, December 6 2015 I wasn’t going to write anything about last night’s A-League game at North Harbour Stadium. This is mostly due to the fact that I was in a huff because the FFA rejected my application for photographer credentials for […]

Winter is coming

Hamilton Wanderers 3, Metro 3 (Wanderers won 5-4 on aggregate) Porritt Stadium, Hamilton, September 27 2015 It’s hard organising your life around football sometimes. I mean, ok, there are worse problems in the world such as famine, war, oppression etc., but still, having to rearrange things around a game you […]