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Mostly wrong

Southern 1, Northern 2 Sunnyvale Park, Dunedin, November 4 2018 I’m writing this post at a cruising altitude of 37,000 feet in the emergency exit row of an Air New Zealand Airbus A320. On the plane with me I have the Prime Minister, a solid chunk of the governing political […]

Nongie up

Lynn Avon 2, Ngongotaha 4 (Ngongotaha won 6-3 on aggregate) Parrs Park, Auckland, October 8 2016 The last remnants of winter were finally tidied away on the turf at Parrs Park today as Rotorua’s Ngongotaha comprehensively dispatched Lynn Avon to win promotion to next year’s NRFL Division 2. Due to […]

The problem with rugby

“If I was prime minister of New Zealand I would ban football and make rugby compulsory for boys and girls.” – John Campbell Last week, Bryce Edwards devoted his weekly political roundup in the New Zealand Herald to ‘The left’s problem with rugby’. Because, apparently, it’s a thing. It must be, […]

Football Isn’t Political

Football isn’t political. It’s sport. It’s exercise. It’s skill and talent and friendship and competition. For the spectator, it’s stories. The last minute winner, the wonder save, that bloody referee. The pain of defeat, the joy of a win. The frustration at two points dropped, the elation at one gained. […]

Address in reply

This morning I had a guest post appear on The Standard  – a popular left wing political blog – advocating for a change to the New Zealand flag and stumping for my suggestion that I have submitted to the Flag Consideration Project. I owe the folks over there a big […]


Auckland City 0, Waitakere United 0 Croatian Cultural Society, Auckland, September 27 2014 The greatest joy of football is the magical escapism it provides. Whether you are at a game singing along with the crowd or cheering your team on from the couch, there’s no better way to forget all […]

He tangata!

Waiuku 3, Warkworth 0 Massey Park, Waiuku, June 6 2014 It’s a horrible cliché to say that football was the winner on the day, but today it definitely was. Because when I got out of bed this morning, I had a choice to make – politics or football, and football […]

Mixing sport and politics

Auckland Council 36, New Zealand Parliament 21 Trusts Stadium, Auckland, May 4 2014 They say that sport and politics don’t mix, but there is an exception that proves every rule and, given it’s also a silly rule to begin with, I’m going to indulge in a little passive resistance here […]