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The fast and the furious

Papakura City 2, AFC Fury 4 (Fury won 5-2 on aggregate) Bruce Pullman Park, Auckland, October 5 2013 Some say he lives in an underground lair beneath White Island, has a staircase that leads down to the fires of hell, and that that’s where he recruits most of his players. […]

Catching up

Papakura City 2, Western Springs 1 McLennan Park, Auckland, July 7 2013 “That’s right, R-2. We’re going to the Dagobah System. I have a promise to keep… to an old friend.” – Luke Skywalker A week and a half ago, in a moment of weakness during a wonderful pasta dinner […]

This is not the National League

It’s much, much better. Papakura City 2, Claudelands Rovers 3 Bill McKinlay Park, Auckland, March 16 2013 There’s a big final on this weekend and there’s nothing else like them! The pressure, the drama, the atmosphere, the anticipation of two top sides clashing head to head. It’s the day that […]


Lynn-Avon United 3, Papakura City 0 Ken Maunder Park, Auckland, May 6 2012 Today was the first round of the New Zealand wide Women’s Knockout Cup. This year there are 28 teams battling it out for national supremacy. While fifteen are from Auckland, entries range from Dunedin’s Roslyn Wakari in […]