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Like It Or Lump It

Route one football, hoofing it, kick and rush. There are many names for the particularly English style of football, created in part by Wing Commander Charles Reep’s observations of the game in the 1950’s. None of them are very flattering. Teams that employ the tactic are often derided by opposition […]

Blue Sky Thinking

In the mid-1980’s, Rupert Murdoch’s various media organs had it in for football. Even before 1989’s ‘The Truth’ headline and the all of the rancour that followed, the beautiful game was viewed as a ‘slum sport, played in slum stadiums and increasingly watched by slum people’. That all changed when […]

Hudson’s Herbert Moment

It’s been four years since the ‘Horror of Honiara’. The All Whites coach of 2012, Ricki Herbert, is currently head coach of the Maldives National team, placed one higher than New Zealand in the rankings. So, that’s a promising start. It’s not been easy for Anthony Hudson. His complaint about […]