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Around the Forums – The post of ineligibility

A couple of months ago I undertook to, once a month, read the Northern League Forum and it’s moderately more civilised cousin Yellow Fever, sift through the bile, and summarise the interesting stuff for your reading pleasure. It’s now time for episode three! But this time, I have decided to try something slightly different. Instead […]

Cool kids’ clubs

It’s hard not being in the cool kids’ club. Our Aussie neighbours took their toys out of the Oceania sandpit, joined the big kids of Asia, and we jelly (young-person speak for ‘we are green with envy’). Don’t you just hate it when one of your friends decides they are […]

O Canada

New Zealand U20 3, Papua New Guinea U20 0 Centre Park, Auckland, February 22 2014 It was back to Centre Park for me today to witness a World Cup qualification in person for the first time since 2005! New Zealand played Papua New Guinea in the last game of the […]

Where the bloody hell are ya?

New Zealand U20 12, Vanuatu U20 0 Centre Park, Auckland, February 18 2014 What if I told you there is an international football tournament on right now, on your doorstep if you happen to live in Auckland, and the winner of this tournament goes to the WORLD CUP, and it’s […]

Milking it

Chris Rattue wrote a controversial column in the New Zealand Herald last week, entitled “Fifa’s ‘generous’ gift does NZ no favours”. In it, he argued that New Zealand’s role as “Oceania’s wet nurse”, and the easy ride to the World Cup that comes along with it, is bad for the […]


Auckland City FC 2, AS Tefana 1 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, April 29 2012 If big finals are your thing and Auckland is your town you were spoiled rotten this weekend. Following on from last night’s NZFC Final, today was the first leg of the Oceania Football Confederation Champions League Final […]