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An interview with Neil Emblen

As anyone who’s anyone already knows, the Northern League gets underway again in two short weeks! This pleases me very much, as I am sure it does you too if you are a person of class and taste. To celebrate, as has become my custom, I have selected a prominent […]

Gap filler III

“Oh, no… Surely not! Not this again!!! Nobody read it the first time. Nobody read it the second time. So what makes him think that anyone will stoop so low, will have so little to do in the middle of the festive season, be utterly sad enough to read yet […]

I Love This Club – Ellerslie AFC

[Welcome to ‘I Love This Club’, a series of guest posts on exploring what makes grassroots New Zealand football people tick, through sharing their stories about why they love their clubs. If you would like to contribute to this series by writing about your special club, please e-mail me […]

The generation game

North Shore United 0, Eastern Suburbs 2 Allen Hill Stadium, Auckland, April 19 2014 I have my older brother Nando to thank for my love of football. When I was a kid he introduced me to it in two ways. The first was through his love of the Italian National […]

Coasting to victory

Metro FC 1, Hibiscus Coast 6 Phyllis Street, Auckland, April 18 2014 YAY EASTER!!! It always comes at such a great time. After a good, long, tranquil Christmas break when you get used to putting your feet up without any responsibility to go out and toil for a living, you […]

Wetting the appetite

Western Springs 0, Birkenhead United 5 Seddon Fields, Auckland, February 7 2014 I am a little bit weird because winter is my favourite time of the year. You can keep your summer with its heat, sweat, skin cancer causing rays, flies buzzing around your head and mosquitos trying to eat […]

Gap filler II

What on earth could be worse than a year in review post? Nothing. Except, there is one thing worse than a year in review post. Two year in review posts! Yes, that’s right, just when you thought I couldn’t stoop any lower than this time last year without emerging somewhere […]

Guest Post – RE: Guest Players

By David Cook “Any player who is not a New Zealand citizen or who does not hold a permanent resident permit, and requires an ITC (International Transfer Certificate)  to play in New Zealand, is to be regarded as a “Guest Player.” – NZF Regulation 5. 13.1 As most people know, […]

The fast and the furious

Papakura City 2, AFC Fury 4 (Fury won 5-2 on aggregate) Bruce Pullman Park, Auckland, October 5 2013 Some say he lives in an underground lair beneath White Island, has a staircase that leads down to the fires of hell, and that that’s where he recruits most of his players. […]