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An unlikely inspiration

With the future and sustainability of our men’s national league competition as uncertain as ever, there’s a brand new professional competition about to launch on the other side of the world – and it’s one that I’m following with great interest (and jealousy) – Morgan

The Return Fixture Episode 1: NWL Preview

Helena, Ella and Enzo introduce themselves and the podcast, and put their reputations on the line by making predictions for the upcoming National Women’s League season. They’re also joined by New Zealand Football’s Women’s Development Manager Holly Nixon, who offers the team some much-needed expertise and perspective. Note 1: During Holly’s […]

Football Ferns: A re-view

Let’s rewind back nearly a fortnight, shall we? In the bowels of Westpac Stadium, a press conference took place immediately after the Football Ferns played Nadeshiko Japan, in a friendly. Being the first Ferns home match since 2015, the first Ferns match in Wellington since 1991, and the first since […]

Playing in the name of

If Kate Sheppard was a footballer, she’d undoubtedly be a playmaker. She’d lead from the front, pull the strings and spearhead the attack. Elegant, precise, she’d prise open the field with a well-timed run or bring in her teammates with a perfectly weighted through ball. But she wouldn’t be afraid […]

Guest Post: Strategical Planning

Guest Post By Mandy Artin As a professional strategiser and synergistic executive node for New Zealand Football, I was delighted to be invited to share my view on the upcoming soccer fixtures between New Zealand and the Peruvian football team by ITBOTN. While I have a vast experience in executive […]

Stream & Steam

In other parts of the footballing world, Sky are vilified. Their involvement in football is seen by supporters as a corrupting influence, shifting kickoff times and fixtures to suit the global audience and relentlessly hyping the endless clashes of top-flight teams while only occasionally looking beyond them. Mitchell & Webb […]

The End Of The Endless Season?

They drew the 2016 Chatham Cup preliminary rounds this week. The oldest cup competition in New Zealand starts on ANZAC weekend, running through weekends until the final on the 11th of September. A fortnight after that,the 2016/17 NZFC  teams will begin their pre-season. With the ten team league running through […]

Ground Control

The ASB Premiership season is here and and it’s the last of it’s kind. Well, that’s not quite true as, after 11 years, the NZ Football review has laid out a pathway to develop the league structure. Unlike past attempts, excellently covered in Bruce Holloway’s ‘The National League Debates’, NZF […]

The Delayed Escape

Going to watch Melville means goals, at the moment. The reversal of Three Kings’ fortunes has galvanised the Hamilton side with recent wins over East Coast Bays and Western Springs, as well as a creditable draw against Glenfield Rovers, each game having a minimum of four goals. Against teams higher […]