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I’ve (re)found that lovin’ feeling

Telling people you’re a Nottingham Forest supporter in New Zealand tends to elicit one of the following responses. A blank look and mumbled ‘sorry, never heard of them’ from those who think football begins with Arsenal and ends with Manchester United. A pitying smile and avuncular ‘well, I suppose you’re […]

Guest Post – Here we go (again)

By Ella Reilly So Nottingham Forest have sacked another manager. It’s becoming a horribly familiar announcement. Brian Clough’s oft’ repeated adage that “If a chairman sacks the manager he initially appointed, he should go as well” immediately leapt to mind when I heard the news. Suffice to say, I’m not […]

I Believe In Miracles

This is a sequel, of sorts, to Fairytale Adventures. Ella Reilly, occasional guest poster here at ITBOTN, noted that comparing Leicester City to the original miracle side, Clough & Taylor’s Nottingham Forest of the late 1970’s, was apt. But, she said they really deserved their own post. So here it is. In […]

Fairytale Adventures

Leicester are top of the league. This isn’t supposed to happen. The plucky team of cobbled together players taking the top flight by storm is a tale from another age, before money bloated the game beyond sense and fair play. It’s Clough. It’s Forest. Instead of John Robertson and Trevor […]