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Highlights, lowlights, smiles and skills

Northern Football 4, New Zealand Development 3 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, November 29 2015 The New Zealand women’s national football team just beat Brazil 1-0 IN BRAZIL! What a result! But what’s even more extraordinary is it wasn’t that surprising. It’s not a major upset. The Football Ferns are simply […]

Race to the top

Northern Football 2, WaiBOP 0 New Zealand Development 1, Auckland Football 0 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, November 22 2015 I have two great passions – football and politics. When I started blogging seriously, exactly six years ago today, I decided to write about football, in part, because talking politics opens […]

No need to Pjanic!

Northern Football 6, New Zealand Development 3 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, October 18 2015 New Zealand Development coach Gareth Turnbull might be scratching his head a little bit. Two games for his charges so far this year and two pretty unfortunate losses against strong opposition – first the defending champions […]

Early days

New Zealand Development 0, Mainland Pride 2 Taharoto Park, Auckland, October 11 2015 There was so much to look forward to about this game, I hardly know where to start! Of the fixtures in the ASB Women’s League opening day double header, if not the entire round, this was clearly […]


New Zealand Development 2, Northern Football 2 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, October 19 2014 I have to confess, actually it’s no secret, that I have never been much of a fan of North Harbour Stadium as a football venue. I must say however that it’s all of a sudden beginning […]