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The blame game

Singling out New Zealand Football as an incompetent organisation seems to be everybody’s favourite sport at the moment but, in the finest traditions of contrary bastards everywhere, I’m not playing. The comedy of errors presided over by our national governing body recently may not exactly be helping their cause but […]

Decision time has secured an exclusive photograph of New Zealand Football’s expert panel making its carefully considered decision about which of the applications for the 2016/17 ASB Premiership to accept…

Who’s getting it?

Auckland United 1, Nelson Marlborough Falcons 1 Centre Park, Auckland, December 13 2015 As you are no doubt aware, for one because this blog has been all over it like a rash in the last few days, New Zealand Football are soon to announce two shiny new ASB Premiership franchises. […]

The case for Tasman United

By Mark Sheehan As you know, New Zealand’s sunshine capital has submitted an application for a license to the 2016/2017 ASB premiership. The application has come from Nelson Bays Football who are essentially the governing body locally under the name Tasman United. The Tasman United catchment encompasses the top of […]

The case for Auckland United

By Hone Fowler Auckland United FC has been going strong representing South Auckland in the ASB Youth League for three years now. Over that time, the club has performed well both on and off the field and has embarked on the task of establishing the necessary pathways to elite football […]

The case for North Shore City

By Steve Browning The thing that’s struck me since we went public with our North Shore City bid is the speed and sincerity of the support that’s swung in behind our vision of bringing national league football back to the North Shore. Naturally, those who remember the national league exploits of […]