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Ellerslie 0, Melville 1 Michaels Avenue, Auckland, August 11 2018 It’s that time of year again, the time when football clubs start winning things. And if you’re going to win something, you can do a hell of a lot worse than the Thomson Shield let me tell you. Dating back […]

Conference – Take 2

Ellerslie 4, Fencibles 0 Michaels Avenue, Auckland, July 16 2017 A couple of weeks ago I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon watching an AFF/NFF Women’s Conference match. I like to attend at least one every year, and I selected high flying Fencibles’ trip to Pukekohe as my 2017 match […]

A moveable feast

Auckland 5, Central 1 Riverhills… No, wait, Michaels Avenue, Auckland, November 13 2016 It’s funny, the little things from childhood that stick in the mind. I don’t remember much about the experience of playing organised football for the first time, at Huntly Thistle, when I was around 6 or 7 […]

Attending the Conference

Ellerslie 5, Hibiscus Coast 1 Michaels Avenue, Auckland, July 3 2016 I am, for my sins, an avid reader of the Northern League Forum. I don’t take everything I read on there as gospel – if I did that I’d probably be writing this wrapped in tinfoil, adopting the foetal […]

Life imitating latte

Ellerslie 3, Tauranga City United 2 Michaels Avenue, Auckland, April 18 2015 When I bought my grande caramel praline latte from Starbucks Westgate, I felt like I needed something sweet, hot, velvety, and full of caffeine to get me though the next couple of hours of bleakness. I was heading […]

The art of floodlighting

Ellerslie AFC 0, Mangere United 1 Michaels Avenue, Auckland, August 2 2014 That’s right R2, we’re going to Michaels Avenue. I’ve got a promise to keep… To an old football club. I hate breaking promises. If I tell someone I’m going to do something, there needs to be an exceptionally […]