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Coasting to victory

Metro FC 1, Hibiscus Coast 6 Phyllis Street, Auckland, April 18 2014 YAY EASTER!!! It always comes at such a great time. After a good, long, tranquil Christmas break when you get used to putting your feet up without any responsibility to go out and toil for a living, you […]

Counter punch

Metro FC 5, Bay Olympic 2 Phyllis Street, Auckland, May 12 2013 2-0 is often thought of as the most dangerous lead in football, and for good reason. You think you’ve got it made so you sit back and defend, safe in the knowledge that while your opponents might manage […]

Better late than never

Metro FC 1, Ngaruawahia United 1 Phyllis Street, Auckland, April 27 2013 It’s been too long since I’ve been to a game featuring my favourite New Zealand team, Ngaruawahia United, too long since I’ve covered a Northern Division 1 game, and too long since I’ve witnessed a thriller. All that […]

Friday night football

Metro FC 2, Forrest Hill Milford AFC 1 Phyllis Street, Auckland, June 29 2012 Metro FC, one of New Zealand’s oldest football clubs (founded in 1899), play almost all of their home games under lights on a Friday evening. Why, I don’t know but it obviously suits the club. Although […]


Bay Olympic 1, Metro FC 5 Crum Park, Auckland, May 5 2012 This is not a blog post about football at the highest level in New Zealand. It’s about much bigger heroes than you’ll find there. This is about people who purely and simply love football. People who have given […]