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Dream time

Mariya 0, Te Ikaroa 5 (Wahine) Mariya 2, Te Ikaroa 3 (Tāne) McLennan Park, Auckland, January 20 2018 Football isn’t normally a sport that one associates with high Maori participation, and that has simply got to change. For three main reasons that I can think of… High Maori participation is […]

Address in reply

This morning I had a guest post appear on The Standard  – a popular left wing political blog – advocating for a change to the New Zealand flag and stumping for my suggestion that I have submitted to the Flag Consideration Project. I owe the folks over there a big […]

Mount Maunganui by the sea

Waikato Bay of Plenty 1, Auckland Football Federation 4 Links Avenue, Mount Maunganui, December 2 2012 In Maori culture, the relationship to land is completely different from that of Europeans. They don’t own land, the land owns them. Football fans should be able to identify with this. I certainly feel […]